Most of these movies feature actors, actresses and filmmakers who really should have known better... Terminator Genisys,  The Visit, The Scorch Trails

10. Terminator Genisys
Surely this fragmented, messy reboot will sink this franchise forever. Nothing about the story or characters made any sense. But it looked cool. 

9. The Visit
M Night Shyamalan went minimal for this unoriginal found-footage horror-comedy that manages a hint of gleeful grisliness but no real characters or plot. 

8. The Scorch Trials
This Maze Runner sequel is merely a series of uninspired set-pieces in search of a plot and characters. It's essentially a place holder until the next movie in the saga. 

Kill Your Friends, The Gallows, Unfinished Business

7. Kill Your Friends
In this Britpop black comedy, the terrific Nicholas Hoult makes the lead character so despicable that the film is essentially unwatchable. Basically, the filmmakers forgot to keep tongues in cheeks. 

6. The Gallows
Painfully derivative, this found-footage horror movie recycles every cliche in the book and manages exactly one vaguely creepy moment. And that scene was in the trailer. 

5. Unfinished Business
It's fairly impressive to waste actors like Vince Vaughn, James Marsden and Dave Franco in a wacky Euro-comedy. But this gross-out comedy never puts a foot right. 

The Cobbler, Pixels, Absolutely Anything

4. The Cobbler
Sandler again, this time as a loathsome shoe repairman who discovers he has magical powers and uses them to do several seriously yucky things. 

3. Pixels
Adam Sandler's lazy acting means that this intriguing idea never gets off the ground. It's an alien invasion story infused with boyish idiocy and rampant misogyny. 

2. Absolutely Anything
The Pythons reunited for this achingly misguided sci-fi comedy starring Simon Pegg as an idiot given ultimate power by a group of smug aliens. 

Rich Cline's worst film of 2015 Mortdecai

1. Mortdecai
Even Johnny Depp's most ridiculous antics couldn't bring this super-silly spy romp to life. The more it strains for laughs, the less amused we are. 

And here are the five most disappointing films of the year: Fantastic Four (choppy and compromised superhero action), Sisters (corny comedy that's simply not smart enough), Southpaw (bogs down in boxing drama cliches), Pan (childish and manic kids' adventure), Black Mass (oddly unoriginal mob thriller).