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M. Ward
Post War
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M. Ward Post War Album

Post War is the fifth album from singer-songwriter and (vastly underrated) guitarist Matt Ward, and the first to feature a full backing band. Recorded and produced in its entirety in an attic in Oregon, the album features guest appearances from Neko Case, and Jim James of My Morning Jacket.

Ward has been quietly turning into an indie folk genius, a la Iron & Wine, and Post War is his best album to date. Each song feels like a porch song that builds intensity and energy quickly, with an excitement and an irresistible magnetic draw backing his hushed, mahogany voice. The subject matter covers life, love and tales of human goodness - it's an uplifting album. Ward has always been a critics' favourite, but Post War is perhaps the first album that has genuine mass appeal for anyone whose tastes lie slightly left of centre.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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