Mac Miller’s been teasing his fans about new material for some time now, but yesterday (May 9, 2013) he finally relented and dropped his new song Watching Movies – and as you’d expect with good ol’ Mac Miller, he did it with plenty of bravado too.

Tweeting"just something to play very loud" and linking to a Youtube clip of the video, Miller set his fans off with excitement, with the lyrics containing no small amount of smugness. Produced by Sap and Larry Fisherman, the Pittsburgh rapper eulogizes about his terrific lifestyle, indeed it’s so interesting that he declares, "looking at my life is like you watching movies." Indeed, Mac, but if you watch movies you’ll surely know that all the cocky guys get their comeuppance in the end.

The single caused the usual furore on Youtube that, well, anything that gets a few hundred thousand hits on Youtube does, with arguments breaking out left, right and center, presumably some casual racism got started, maybe some sexism, you know the sort of depressing stuff that goes down in the comments section. Miller was pretty chuffed about this though, commenting on Twitter "There's a huge religion argument going on in the YouTube comments for #WatchingMovies perfect." Absolutely, Mac. The album Watching Movies With The Sound Off is scheduled to come out June 18th. Check out the video below.