Machine Gun Kelly has bravely taken on his rap rival Eminem after the latter dissed him in his song 'Not Alike', taken from his recently dropped surprise album 'Kamikaze'. The pair have always had a beef between them, but it's never been quite as entertaining as it is right now.

Machine Gun Kelly at the premiere of 'Bright'Machine Gun Kelly at the premiere of 'Bright'

The 28-year-old proves his lyrical inferiority with the title of his diss track 'Rap Devil'; an unimaginative inversion of Eminem's 2013 single 'Rap God'. But while he may not be as fluent with literary devices as his more established counter-part, he still had some tough words for the 45-year-old.

'Tough talk from a rapper paying millions for security a year', he raps. ''I think my dad's gone crazy', yeah, Hailie, you right/ Dad's always mad cooped up in the studio, yelling at the mic.'

He also made reference to Eminem's lyric dexterity with the not-altogether insulting: 'Homie we get it, we know that you're the greatest rapper alive/ F**king dweeb, all you do is read the dictionary and stay inside.'

Meanwhile, he also tries to take the higher ground in the refrain ('Both of us single dads from the Midwest, we can talk about it'), but the slew of insults that follow sort of negate that sensible suggestion.

So what's made Machine Gun Kelly so mad? As is customary, Eminem made numerous references on his surprise new album to various artists and celebrities - but the young rapper got the brunt of it on 'Not Alike'.

'If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun/ And I'm talkin' to you, but you already know who the f**k you are, Kelly', Eminem spits. 'I don't use sublims and sure as f**k don't sneak-diss/ But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie.'

He later remarks: 'Let me put a f**king silencer on this little non-threatening blond fairy cornball takin' shots at me'.

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Still, he's not the only one to be attacked. Eminem also fires shots at Charlamagne Tha God, Joe Budden, Lil Yachty and Tyler, the Creator.