Machine Gun Kelly's new album is more "guitar-heavy".

The 31-year-old rapper turned pop-punk star says 'Born With Horns' will be a more grown-up version of his previous record 'Tickets To my Downfall".

He told Variety: "It’s more guitar-heavy. Lyrically, if 'Tickets to My Downfall' was metaphorically high school, then 'Born With Horns' is college. And I think like, in high school, you don’t really have a sense of responsibility, you have a fear of that responsibility, and so you want to explode and use all that energy for f****** off. And then college comes, which is this album, and you are aware of the responsibility and you still know how to have fun, but you understand that there’s a certain duty you have to your life to do something with it. 'Born With Horns' feels like it has an objective or a real lesson that you’re walking away with."

And Kelly hopes the pop-punk revival will encourage others to follow their dreams.

He said: "Don’t let people douse your dreams with their fears, because your fire should run free. There’s someone right now who has the potential to be the greatest ever, who is being told it’s the dumbest idea to pursue a dream because the person looking at them was too scared to pursue theirs. It’s the same thing with people in the rock genre who don’t want to embrace me, or act like I don’t belong. … I’m not letting that narrative stick. I’m not letting people continue to f****** bully me out of doing something that has been true to me forever."