Wait, did anybody even know that Macklemore is engaged? Well, if that’s news to you, wait till you read the next bit – the rapper is becoming a dad! Mr Haggerty and fiancée Tricia Davis made the announcement this week, but it seems they’ve been keeping it under wraps for a few weeks – the new addition is expected in May.

Congrats, Mr. Haggerty!

In fact, they were planning to keep quiet about the pregnancy for longer, but recent rumours forced their hand, the couple explained in a YouTube video.

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"Today the media speculated about some big news in our life. So we decided to share it with you ourselves," the couple said in the video posted Saturday on the YouTube account of Macklemore's musical partner, Ryan Lewis.

Check out the super adorable video below.

The video is in Macklemore and Lewis’ typical home movie style and actually pretty adorable. Seriously, if you’re feeling a little emotional, this is just the thing. The video shows Haggerty and Davis during an ultrasound appointment, being all cuddly and excited about the baby’s heartbeat, face, etc.

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So, if you were wondering why Macklemore's been off the radar lately... Within hours of the video being posted, fans shared tributes and best wishes for the couple. Congratulations to the happy family. What a way to start 2015, right?