Madonna has been 'banned from watching movies' at the Alama Drafthouse movie theatre chain after incessantly texting on her phone during a screening of 12 Years A Slave.

The Girl Gone Wild singer annoyed attendees at the New York Film Festival screening of Steve McQueen's biopic drama last week (October 8th 2013) after verbally attacking a brave viewer who asked her to stop texting on her phone.

In a post obtained by IndieWire, film critic Charles Taylor revealed on Facebook that one attendee overheard a 'mysterious blonde in black lace gloves' snap at the woman who tapped her on the shoulder while she texted, hissing, 'It's for business... ENSLAVER!' The woman was later revealed to be Madonna when she was spotted clear as day standing at the side of the theatre after the movie was over.

Alamo CEO Tim League hit back at the star over Twitter, insisting, "Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies." The cinema chain has a 'zero tolerance' attitude towards phone use during their screenings, with their website proclaiming, "We aren't afraid to kick anyone rude enough to start texting their friends during a show right out of the theater."

On the other hand, Madonna's slightly bad-taste remark (given the subject matter of the movie) may have resulted from being quite touched by the story, with one movie-goer telling Us Weekly, "Some people are shocked by this, because Madonna was visibly tearing up, everybody there thought that she was very moved by it."

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