James Corden has given fans a preview of the latest edition of ‘Carpool Karaoke’, which will see him welcome Madonna to the passenger seat.

The segment will air on Wednesday’s edition of ‘The Late Late Show’ and judging from the minute-long teaser, it could be Corden’s most eventful journey yet.

In one clip Madonna is shown climbing on to her car seat in order to demonstrate how to twerk. She also sings along to classic ‘Vogue’ and more recent hit ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’.

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Corden also delves into her romantic past, asking the 58-year-old “What was a night out with Michael Jackson, or a night in?”. Madonna then teased: “So, you want me to kiss and tell, then, don't you?” to which a shocked Corden replied, “Did you kiss?”

But it seems not everyone is excited to see Madonna take part in the popular late night segment. ‘Good Morning Britain’ host Piers Morgan went so far as to pretend to throw-up while watching the preview clip.

“She makes my skin crawl,” Morgan said. “The Carpool Karaoke thing looks particularly gut-wrenching."

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After seeing the clip of her twerking he then said: “Oh god, please I can’t. I’m never going to get that moment back. I can’t, I can’t do the show.” He then pretended to be sick and added: “Sorry I feel slightly nauseous, has anyone got a bucket?”.