It has been revealed that Madonna is to direct another movie, despite the critical and commercial flop of her second directorial work, W.E. The pop star will mark her return to film with Adé: A Love Story, the upcoming adaptation of Rebecca Walker's novel of the same name, according to The Guardian.

Madonna Is To Direct A New Movie, 'Adé: A Love Story.'

The 'Holiday' singer will be teaming up with producer Bruce Cohen, who was one of the producers of the successful David O Russell film Silver Linings Playbook, and a screenwriter is being sought to adapt the novel. Adé will be the third movie Madonna has directed, her previous projects being the critically-trashed W.E., which explored the life of Wallis Simpson and a researcher delving into the truth of Simpson's romance with King Edward VIII, and 2008's Filth and Wisdom.

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The Movie Will Follow The Tale Of A Kenyan-American Couple Who Experience Cultural Tension.

Written by the daughter of The Color Purple's Alice Walker, Adé follows the story of a pair of US students travelling in Kenya, one of whom falls in love with a local man, Adé. Embarking upon a new romance, she adopts an Arabic name, and tries to adjust to a new life in unfamiliar surroundings.

However, problems arise due to the cultural friction the pair encounter as they try to visit the US. It has been speculated that the modern-day plot struck a chord with Madonna, who moved to the UK to live with film-maker husband Guy Ritchie, before the pair's later divorce.

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The 55 Year-Old Pop Star/Entrepreneur/Filmmaker Is One Of The Hardest Working Celebrities.

After W.E. earned less than a million dollars worldwide and earned brutal criticism from reviewers, Madonna will surely be ploughing every effort into her new project to make sure that it doesn't suffer the same fate. Named as the highest earning musician in the world in 2013, Madonna padded out her musical efforts with the short film, secretprojectrevolution, released through BitTorrent last year.

As well as launching a skincare range and a new line of gyms, the entrepreneurial 55 year-old found time to make her Grammys performance one of the most talked-about of the evening as 33 couples were married onstage during her show.

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