Madonna is not banned from Radio 1 and just needs to get back to releasing decent songs, according to the station's controller Ben Cooper. Madonna had said she was shocked that Living For Love would not be played on the station, saying, "Wait a second. Shouldn't it be to do with whether you wrote a good, catchy pop song?"

MadonnaMadonna is not banned from Radio 1, but it appears she has little chance of appearing on the station.

Still, Cooper responded saying that the song wasn't played because it wasn't very good.

"I love Madonna. I've been to see her concerts several times, and I've bought several of her records. I've even got a signed front cover of The Face magazine that she was on, on my wall," said Cooper.

"There's nothing personal about Madonna. It's just about the merit of the music an artist is creating at the time. We haven't banned Madonna. If she comes back with another track."

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Radio 1 is keen to build its younger audience and Cooper acknowledged that Madonna was no longer as relevant.

"We have one of the most democratic playlist committees in the world. It has worked for Madonna for the last 20-odd years. But with this current record - when it's a choice between that and, say, Wolf Alice [a 20-something British band] or a new up-and-coming artist, you go, 'Which is more relevant to a young audience?'" he said.

Madonna gave the first live performance of Living for Love at the Brit Awards last month though took a dramatic tumble from the podium after a wardrobe malfunction.

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