Radio One has been forced to deny reports that they have banned Madonna’s new music and branded the singer too old for their young listeners. A story in Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper claimed the station had only played Madonna’s latest single ‘Living For Love' once since its release in December and that they now found the singer to be 'irrelevant'.

MadonnaIs Madonna really too old to be relevant for Radio 1?

“At the end of the day it’s all about relevance,” a Radio One source was quoted as telling the Mail. “It’s natural that as an artist gets older their audience goes elsewhere and Radio One has to reflect that.”

“The station has a duty to meet the needs of younger listeners. I don’t think the audience is losing sleep that it is not playing Madonna in the same way that it used to,” the source added.

But the station has hit back at the reports, posting a firm rebuttal via their Facebook page. "Radio 1 does not ban anyone - please don't believe the papers,” the post began.

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“The tracks played on Radio 1 are chosen on musical merit and their relevance to our young audience on a case-by-case basis, and whilst around 40% of the country's 15 to 29-year-olds tune into Radio 1 each week, an artist's age is never a factor.”

"In fact, Paul McCartney currently has two tracks - 'FourFiveSeconds' and 'Only One' - on the Radio 1 playlist,” the post continued.

The controversy comes as Queen of Pop prepares for the release of her 13th studio album, Rebel Heart, which hits shelves on March 6th. Earlier this month the singer began the album's promotion by taking the stage at the Grammy awards and performing latest single ‘Living for Love’ live.

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The 56 year old also managed put some of the younger artists on the bill to shame when a video of the singer's impressive auto-tune free, isolated vocals from the performance surfaced online.

The next stop for the Material Girl before Rebel Heart hits will be the Brit Awards in London on February 25th, where she’ll be making her first appearance on the ceremony’s stage in over two decades.