Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal learned she wasn't born a Maggie after filing papers to take her husband's last name.

The star decided to take her husband Peter Sarsgaard's last name when the couple wed in 2009, and had to produce her birth certificate to officials before she could make the change.

After her parents found the document, Gyllenhaal was shocked to learn her birth name was not Maggie.

She tells Live! with Kelly and Michael, "My parents couldn't find (my birth certificate). Finally they pulled it together and got it for me and it says my name is Margolit, which I really love, but it's not my name. I grew up Maggie, Maggie's on everything...

"(My parents) didn't remember (that they named me Margolit) and in fact they still insist that my name is not Margolit."