Maisie Williams was ''scared'' to ''express [herself]'' on the red carpet.

The 23-year-old actress - who shot to fame playing Arya Stark in 'Game of Thrones' when she was just 14 years old - has always been ''curious'' about fashion but was worried she'd be judged for her choices, though these days she's much more relaxed about showing off her personal style.

She said: ''I was always curious but I didn't know how to represent myself.

''I was very fearful of being judged and I was too scared to express myself. I have learnt to embrace who I am and have my own opinions and style myself the way that makes me feel good and proud.

''Growing up, it's anyway hard to experiment for fear of being judged, but also being in the public eye made it that much more terrifying. I'm still learning now, but really in the last 18 months I think my style has become more refined.''

Maisie is one of the faces of Cartier and admitted she likes the Pasha de Cartier watch because it has ''never been specifically gendered'', which echoes her own sartorial choices.

She added to ST Fashion magazine: ''And I would say that my style is very much like that. I have a lot of influence from when I was growing up with my brothers and the way that they would dress.

''We're all becoming more accustomed to the fluidity of clothing and identity, and I really try to carry that with me as much as I can.''

Meanwhile, the 'New Mutants' star is excited about the future now she's finally put a plan in place.

She said: ''I do have a bit of a plan for the first time.

''Through my whole career I haven't set any goals, and it's been fine, but recently I've been like, 'OK, let's try and manipulate this situation we're in and nail down some things I want to do.'

''It's been really helpful, even from a mental health perspective, feeling like there's some sort of direction. I'm not just floating through the world and waiting to see. Now I've got an idea.''