‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams has spoken about her latest role, as a young Viking named Ashildr on ‘Doctor Who’. Williams stars in this Saturday’s episode of the sci-fi series titled ‘The Girl Who Died’, as the Doctor find himself in a Viking village where all the warriors have just been slaughtered.

Maisie WilliamsMaisie Williams is guest starring in ‘Doctor Who’ as a young Viking.

Speaking about joining the ‘Doctor Who’ cast Williams said, “I was approached for the role, I didn’t know much about it but knew they were introducing a new character to work closely with the Doctor.”

“I’d got through the second episode and absolutely loved it! I was going to do a tape but ran out of time because I was in America shooting another film, so my agent worked really hard and sent over lots of clips and videos - they liked them and gave me the role.”

The actress is best known for playing Arya Stark HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’, where she frequently finds herself surrounded by bearded men, something which also happened during her time on ‘Doctor Who’.

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“I feel like I’ve seen a lot of insane beards here on this shoot. It’s very nice to have that familiar bearded, hairy men setting. It’s so refreshing to have this futuristic element linked in to it too, that’s what has kept me going really, not just beards and dragons,” Williams said.

“There’s a whole new element that’s fed in to the sides. It just looks so great with all of us in our Viking outfits, Jenna (Coleman) in her space suit and the Doctor in his cool coat with his crazy sunglasses. It makes for a really cool and interesting dynamic on screen.”

The 18 year old has also spoken about her disappointment when it comes to the roles available for women in Hollywood. “I didn’t realise when I was younger that women were written so badly,” she told the Radio Times.

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“But going further into this career I realised there are a lot of really bad characters, that it’s not common to come across females who aren’t just ‘the girlfriend’.”

“Me and Jenna (Coleman) were talking about it. When you get a script they always include a sentence or two about the character, something like ‘Jason: 36, strong, built, quick, witty’ and a description of his personality.”

“Then there’s his girlfriend – ‘Sarah: hot, blonde.’ And that’s it! Hot-looking but in a cute way. That’s your character!” Williams added. “You can’t pick and choose everything, but I hope to never have to play a character that is only there to benefit a male lead.”