Fans who are eagerly awaiting the final series of Game of Thrones may be a little concerned after one of its main stars has claimed fans will not be satisfied with the 'unexpected' ending. The hugely popular HBO show returns with its eighth and final season on April 14 but actress Maisie Williams, who has played Arya Stark since season 1, has hinted its eventual resolution might not be the richly rewarding experience many fans are expecting.

Maisie WilliamsMaisie Williams' will appear in the final Game of Thrones season due to air in April

Speaking to Sky News, the 21-year old said: "I don't think anyone is going to be satisfied [when it ends].

"I don't think anyone wants it to end but I'm really proud of this final season."

Maisie was just 12 when she was signed up to the internationally-acclaimed fantasy series based on George RR Martin's books.

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Addressing what she believed Game of Thrones fans would be thinking at the end of the show, she said: "I hope they really like it. I’m really proud of what we’ve done, but I ultimately don’t think anyone is ready for the show to finish. I think it’s going to be very unexpected."

After multiple seasons in the wilderness, apart from the Stark family and away from Winterfell, viewers left Arya having finally been reunited with her sister, Sansa, and who they all still believe to be their half-brother, Jon Snow.

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Speaking about the character she has grown up with, Maisie said: "She was an iconic character - there weren’t any girls written like that and since there have been younger characters written in this way but... now when I read scripts I realise how special she was.

"I hope I do other things but I hope I never do anything like Arya again because she was in a league of her own."