The Celebrity Apprentice star officially entered the race for the U.S. Presidency on Tuesday (16Jun15) by hosting a press conference at Trump Tower in New York, and during his speech, he made some negative remarks about Mexican immigrants, saying, "When Mexico sends their people, they're not sending their best... they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists..."

His comments have incensed Mexican rocker Olvera, who tells, "It's very sad because nobody can do that (talk like that)... The people who came here (to the U.S.) to work... (make) this country bigger and (more) powerful, you know?... He's (Trump is) full of hate in his heart... And of course in so many of his business(es), he's got a lot of Mexicans (working) so he's going to be in trouble... It's very sad that people like that (Trump) can have a microphone to say (those) hate words (sic). It's very, very bad. I never hear something like that in all my life (sic)... I hate the speech."

Trump also came under fire from Neil Young after using the musician's song Rockin' In the Free World during his announcement.

The business mogul hopes to become the Republican candidate fighting to take over President Barack Obama's position in 2016.