Drummer Alex Gonzalez, who didn't graduate from high school, admits the group came up with the educational aid to help their fans stay in school.

He tells Billboard.com, "Every time we meet kids who want to be musicians, we tell them that we worked our a**es off to achieve what we have. It’s a risk not having a high school education because you can't get a job. We think education is so important. Everything starts from there."

Ahead of the group's upcoming U.S. tour, which begins in a month, the bandmates presented a $250,000 (GBP167,000) cheque to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund on behalf of Montejo bosses in on Tuesday (12May15).

Gonzalez adds, "We’ve always been an active band, be it for the sake of the environment or helping Latinos in the United States. We are honoured and excited about this opportunity to give Latino kids an education."