Mandy Moore has had to learn to not take her work home with her.

The 39-year-old actress - who is married to musician Taylor Goldsmith and has Gus, two, and 14-month-old Ozzy with him - starred as Rebecca Pearson on the NBC drama series from 2016 until 2022 but explained that because her family life changed so much in that time, she had to learn to create a work/life balance to avoid a "mental breakdown."

She told this week's edition of People magazine: "I feel lucky that I'm pretty adept at not taking work home with me. Because had I done that with 'This Is Us', I would've had a mental breakdown at some point. For [new series] 'Dr.Death', it was easy to get home, and if everyone's needs were satiated, to just be like, ‘I'm going to take a nice hot shower and I'm going to crash.’"

However, the 'Candy' hitmaker did go on to add that when she gets home, her evenings are often so filled with general chores that when she and her husband do try to spend some alone time together after kids have gone to bed, she often just falls asleep next to him becauuse she is so tired.

She said: "The kids get to bed, and then it's unadulterated mom and dad time to watch something together, maybe have a glass of wine if we're feeling really crazy, but usually we're too tired for that. "It's just like, ‘Okay, now I have the chance to answer all the emails from the day and plan for the next day.

"The kids go to bed, I take a shower and then I make sure breakfast is all pretty much set up for the next day, and as much as lunch I could get together is set up, and the animals are all taken care of.

"I can sort of unwind and read a book or watch 10 minutes of something before I fall asleep.

"My poor husband, he has a whole life after me after I fall asleep, like, two hours of reading or watching some Criterion Collection movie without me because I'm fast asleep."