Marc Forster doesn't think a gay James Bond would work.

The 45-year-old filmmaker - who directed 'Quantum of Solace' in 2008 and the new Amazon original series 'Hand of God' - has revealed he doesn't want to see a gay version of the iconic secret agent, unlike former Bond star Pierce Brosnan.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, Marc explained: ''I think with the history of Bond and how it is, it feels like it's more of a spin off in that case than the original Bond.

''I think there's a traditional ... you know, how Ian Flemming saw the books, and I think you should honour Ian Flemming's vision for Bond.

''[You should] try and make it the interpretation of the original author.''

Although Pierce recently called for the introduction of a gay Bond, he also admitted it's unlikely while producer Barbara Broccoli is in charge of the money-spinning franchise.

Asked if he could picture a gay Bond, he said: ''Sure. Why not?

''Actually, I don't know how it would work. I don't think [Barbara] would allow a gay Bond to happen in her lifetime. But it would certainly make for interesting viewing.''

Season one of the Forster-directed Amazon original series 'Hand of God' is available to view on Prime Video now.