Margot Robbie was willing to strip for her role in 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

The 23-year-old beauty plays Leonardo Dicaprio's wife in the new movie and while director Martin Scorsese said she could cover up for some of the more risqué scenes, the actress insisted on baring all to fully portray the sexpot character who uses her feminine wiles to manipulate her husband.

She said: ''There were points when Marty said, 'You can wear a dressing gown here', but I insisted that wouldn't make sense. My character would stand there naked. I felt the story needed to be confronted.''

Margot tackled several steamy scenes, including teasing Leonardo's character by suggestively touching herself, but she credits the director with making her feel as comfortable as possible.

She explained to Britain's Vogue magazine: ''He was so sweet. He kept saying, 'Now, when you are making love...' I was like, this is hardly making love! It was incredibly awkward. We were laughing the entire time ... that's probably why that scene took 17 hours to film!''

The blonde beauty also admits filming her initial sex scene with her ''favourite actor of all time'' was less than glamorous and ''smelt like dog food''.

She explained: ''My character's dog was meant to bite Leo's feet, which were sticking out the end of the bed, but the dog wasn't playing ball so two dog trainers had to squash in beside us on the bed and coax the dog with bits of meat between Leo's toes.''