Margot Robbie says Will Smith tastes like ''a candy cane.''

The 'Focus' actress admits she had no trouble kissing her 46-year-old co-star, who is married to Jada Pinkett-Smith, on the set of their new film.

She said: ''He's got this really lovely breath spray, it tastes like Christmas. It's like he's just eaten a candy cane.''

The Australian beauty recently insisted she would never date another actor, but joked she has no problem with criminals.

She said: ''I shouldn't have said actors. The jail thing is not so bad, but actors, they are trouble.''

The 'Wolf of Wall Street' star has been linked to former 'True Blood' actor Alexander Skarsgard and was reportedly spotted kissing him at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah last month.

Meanwhile, Will admits Jada, 43, was worried he would embarrass her in front of the 24-year-old actress.

Asked if he and his wife work out a lot, he told E! News: ''Yeah, we have a workout household. She saw that Margot was young and hot and in shape and she was like, 'Boy don't embarrass me, get in shape now. Do not let that girl smash you on screen.' ''