South Korean pop star Psy – who recently signed to Scooter Braun’s (Justin Bieber’s manager) label – is now officially famous, having watched a flash mob dance in his honour. The singer became an overnight sensation when his video for ‘Gangnam Style’ went viral, and the now ubiquitous dance featured in the clip has led to flash mob dances across the United States. Psy appeared at The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (September 17, 2012) for an interview with ‘Extra’, though was greeted by horse-riding dancers who had prepared a secret routine for him. The Korean star appeared stunned as hundreds of fans began dancing ‘Gangnam style’ in sync, with television presenter Maria Menounosleading the pack. The flash mob was actually the worst kept secret in Los Angeles, with Extra announcing plans for the dance on its website on Sunday, telling fans, “Wardrobe note: Please wear something comfortable or feel free to wear Psy-inspired clothing.” Nevertheless, the fans duly complied and turned up in their droves, head-to-toe in Psy-like garments. The singer’s appearance comes a day before a group of lifeguards appeal against their sacking by El Monte City Council for making a Psy tribute video. The 13 workers were fired for spoofing ‘Gangnam Style’ though they’ve already got the backing of the man himself. Psy recently old MTV, “Unfortunately, I'm a rookie here. When I become a big star here, I really want to help them out because that's not fair. I don't think so…What did they do? They weren't wrong? I think it was off duty — that's what I heard. They can be more flexible to each other.”