Maria Sharapova’s cover shape, so to speak, is stunning, but of course, that’s expected of one of the top tennis players in the world. In the cover photo for Shape magazine, Sharapova wears the admittedly not very practical combo of a bikini and jacket, however she does offer some practical advice on health and sport from her own life and career. The gorgeous Russian tennis player explains that she has never counted calories or gone on grueling diets to stay in shape. Instead, she attributes it all to her training regimen.

Maria Sharapova, 2013 Espy Awards
Sharapova is firmly against counting calories.

“I do weigh myself, though, to make sure I’m hydrated before matches because I sweat so much,” she says. “Water is a huge part of my diet. I have to force myself to drink it.”

As for the workouts, those are a whole other story. It’s no wonder Sharapova has never had to worry about food, since her grueling training sessions are enough to keep anyone in shape. She puts in two tennis workouts per day, each lasting one to two hours, on top of an hour and a half of shoulder rehab, and either an ice bath or a sports massage. Well, this staff writer got tired just thinking about it.

Maria Sharapova, Pre-Wimbledon Party
The athlete gives her all in training.

After an unpleasant loss at Wimbledon, Sharapova will soon put all that training to good use, at the upcoming U.S. Open in New York. The Russian athlete commented for Shape that the championship is a favorite of hers.

“It’s my favorite place to play—the energy, the people in the crowds, the excitement. It’s one of the biggest stages for the tennis world.”

Maria Sharapova, Selfridges Sugarpova Launch
After a disappointing turn at Wimbledon, she is ready to hit the U.S. Open.