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love u Mimi! i think ur the most amazing woman,voice and soul ever! :x

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by ambra.totti.romania

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If you need to say I lovin you,I'll say loud and any One can hear me,I LOVE YOU MORE MA EYEZ. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11 years 1 month ago by dida

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hey mariah I think you and nick are going to make great parents and I give you all my best!

Posted 11 years 3 months ago by trice3

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hey mariah, i love ur music is brilliant plz keep on going with ur music its fab i try and buy all ur albulms ur music makes me soooooooo happy when i have a bad day thanks mariah ur great!!!!!

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by marie Boden

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hi mariah i wanted to say your number 1 hit album is hot and iam a number 1 fan of you and when your birthday comes around i always think of you and dont let no body put you down if you want to talk to me reply back to me and ill speak to you and i will be shy because it will be my frist time talking to you and i like every album you bring out it make me feel good inside and when i down you lift me up with your beautiful voice that you put out there.

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by mc michelle 351

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No matters who's being negative.. Mariah ur still the bomb!! Ur talented, sexy, pretty, smart, a DIVA, & you've always been true!! U have gone through a lot good & bad & you've always stayed on top. Don't let anyone or anything get to u! You go girl!! Love ur new album & ur voice is rockin!! Hot Hot Hot :-DP.S. Believe it or not I have never thot it was worth my time to waste on a celebrity comment but ur special. I admire ur strength & talent, not to forget ur abilities...Big Kiss! KittyKatKis

Posted 12 years 10 months ago by kittykatkis

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You can get the touch my body at I love this song.Carrie - UMGD

Posted 12 years 11 months ago by carriestar44

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Posted 13 years 4 months ago by Diamond69

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first of all listen to you people you sound crazy mariah is real god give her to us and her amasing voice to help people like me get through the rain you no yall said her voice is not real thats like saying god ant real and hunny you better wake up god is verry real and so is mariah you better listen to that god given voice hunny and stop being jelous and injoy the gifts that god gives us sorry so blunt but thats life .... and mariah you keep singing you have alot of people out here that loves you baby so you do what you do and ma god walk with you every day and i love you and so does god like whitney would say i will always love you .....

Posted 13 years 8 months ago by mariah1_will

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Hy Erica.I wana tell you something about youre proposition about writing gram. corect.I am from Europe and it is hard for me to write right,i have learnd english over the tv and i know allot but it is hard to learn how to write on youre own.I speak perfectly but i cant write good and that doesent make me or Mariah stupid.I also wanted to ask you why do you give a f.c. abot what other people ar saying so much!!!!?????Mariah is a person just like all of us with qualitis and flows,if we her fans akcepted her as the person she is and if WE love her why do you ned an recognition for M by the people who hate her!!!!???I say f.c. them!!!!Mariah we ar all you need!!If they wanna talk bad about M,let them talk.Well talk good about her and than we will be eaven!Noone will change oure minds about M,we will always love and respect her!I think i talk in the name of all Ms fans!!She is unique and noone will aver sing better then her!!!!Mariah if enyone bothers you,you tell me and i will kick their asses!!!!Come to Croatia!LOVE YOU!!!!

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by BAGI

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i like mariah carey so much , and i want to tell her that she is great woman , and she have wonderful sound , and sexy body .and i want to say to mariah that (when u came to this world , it was raining , but that rain was not a water , it was tears from angels who were crying , cause they lost one of them , thats you mariah )thankshabib joumalodz - poland

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by free man

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What CD are you talking about hun?To all the others who have posted a comment; it's always great and welcome to come out in support of MiMi, of course, all is welcome. But if I could just make a tiny suggestion (this is not a criticism just an observation), it would be to ask that you please, please try to write in a bit more of a literate sense? What I mean by that, is that some of the comments that I have come across in different places do not always come across as particularly intelligent because of the way in which the comments are expressed. That in turn doesn't reflect particularly well on Mariah, and just gives the haters of this world more fodder for use against her.Like I said earlier, this is not a criticism, I'm just suggesting that you consider how what you write comes across to others reading your messages after you do. Don't get me wrong, I'm often guilty of typos and/or missing out words when I'm hurrying away, so I'm just as guilty more often than not. I'm just saying can we all make just that bit more of a conscious effort to present our defense and responses to and for Mariah in a little bit more of a grammatically correct form.After all, there are enough people saying that Mariah is a brainless bimbo etc., when she's actually an extremely intelligent woman. And by the same token she is often accused of being a bad role model. It doesn't do much for our defense of her if people read comments and think she doesn't encourage her fans to smart, and all they can be because that is not reflected in any of the means her fans use to discuss her. I don't know about you, but I'm hard-tasked to think of any recording act out there today that uses as diverse a spectrum of the English Language as she does - this from the girl they nicknamed 'Mirage' in school because she was never there!!!

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by ericsasharlette

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I like Marieah Carey so much and I'm listening to her music. The problem is I have this CD with her name and everything on it but I know for sure that the voice is not hers. How can I prove that my favourate vocalist is been cheated by those people immitating her music and selling it to us? It really got me angry coz I've been listening to her music since 1992 and I hate what I hear on that CD.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by Naidoo

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who is the bloke in the honey video? the bloke at the end of the video on the beach?

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by keys

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whatever she can do everything im an collecter and you aren't on t.v. news awards computer and you have the nervse togun on mimi when rellyyou are the one that just trying to make it by you need to take them fake tracks out yo head skank hoe.

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by mimi jr.

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"mimi" it her a.k.a. her nick name or you could just call her "m"and mimi is mariah carey.hello all you out there go to www.mariah and lok at pictures and go to guessbook and meet more people who love mimi too im one of them...and go vote for mimi and go to www.mariah and become a member and go to and get cds movies videos of mariah and i know there are a lot of roomers going around but become a meber and and ask mariah her self and last thing go to www.mariah carey's history chart .com today ya ...appreshat ya...and injoy ya ilove mariah carey ya i said it....

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by mimi jr.

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heyyz, um... i've been reading thiz whole opage but i still kant find out who is mimi? i've been wondering for a long time... is she mariah carey'z real name? wat duz her album hav to do wit? -the emancipation of mimi?

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by °¤°mizz.vanii°¤°

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