We’ve all heard of a fairytale wedding, but a fairytale vow renewal? Well, that’s news to us, that one. Still, that’s exactly the vibe that Mariah Carey (a grown woman, we hasten to add) decided to opt for when she and husband Nick Cannon renewed their vows at Disneyland last night (April 30, 2013).

Dressed as a princess, Mariah Carey celebrated her 5th anniversary with Nick at California Disneyland’s ‘Happiest Place On earth,’ and made the treat a joint 2nd birthday treat for their twins, Entertainment Tonight has reported. In the morning, Carey tweeted “On our way to renew our vows” and added “I love you @NickCannon. During the vow renewal, Carey wore a matching princess costume with her daughter Monroe and the mother and daughter were collected in a horse-drawn Crystal Carriage, from a Dream Suite inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. From there, they were taken to Main Street to meet Nick and Moroccan. Then off they all went to the Sleeping Beauty Castle to renew their vows. Sounds pretty sickly, huh?

250 of the couples friends and family were guests at the fairytale ceremony, which culminated in a pyrotechnics display over the castle’s spires. What followed was a lavish party, with Nick DJing (pretty normal) and 10,000 flowers imported from South Africa, Holland and France (not so normal). Oh and 10,000 crystals (even less normal). 

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey: pictured here March 2013