Mariah Carey and Latto had a booze-fuelled studio session recording the remix of 'Big Energy'.

The 'We Belong Together' hitmaker is featured on a new cut of the 23-year-old rapper's hit along with DJ Khaled, and Latto has been spilling all the details about recording the A-List collaboration.

She tweeted: “I was sooooo nervous.

“I was like what do I say y’all lol but the conversation just floweddd and she was so genuine and I definitely was overthinking. We was sipping on her liquor Black Irish and just kicking it fr. (sic)"

Latto had wanted to get the megastar on the remix for months and finally plucked up the courage to reach out to her.

She told one Twitter user: “I originally thought Mariah for the remix back in like November when it first started going up but didn’t think I could get her realistically. “Fast fwd I said f*** it and reached out. She was down. (sic)"

'Big Energy' features on Latto's acclaimed second studio album, '777', which dropped last week.

Meanwhile, Latto recently insisted the explicit lyric "big d*** energy" is nothing to do with "what's in your pants" and is in fact about self-love.

She explained in a recent interview: “It’s a cool way to bring self-love back into the community and to women, specifically.

When you make these uplifting songs, people think it has to be corny and it doesn’t … It can be in a cool way where you don’t even realize you’re practicing self-love when you listen to this song but you are in a fun, exciting, fresh way. Women can have big d*** energy, it has nothing to do with what’s in your pants — it’s a confidence, it’s an aura. It’s just believing in yourself and not letting anyone change your mind about yourself.”