Deborah Cooper provided vocals for some of Carey's biggest hits in the early 1990s, but years later she began to drastically lose weight, which concerned her doctors.

She was diagnosed with cancer after doctors found a large tumour in her liver, and Cooper recalls to Entertainment Tonight, "They couldn't do anything for me and I would need a transplant. They sent me home to die."

Cooper ultimately decided against a liver transplant, and under the suggestion of her author friend James Hester, opted to undergo an alternative treatment.

She did not have enough cash for the 30-day detox programme at a holistic retreat, so as a last resort, Hester contacted Carey's representative.

Hester tells Entertainment Tonight, "He said, 'She wants to know how much. She loves Deborah. How is she? She wants to know what's going on.'"

Hester says Carey's camp immediate wired Cooper more than $25,000 (£15,625) for the nutritional treatment and holistic acupuncture, which Cooper insists restored her health.

The former singer says, "Mariah Carey definitely saved my life... She may be a bit of a 'diva' or whatever, but she's got a heart. She's warm. She's giving."

Following her treatment, Cooper had a tearful reunion with Carey.