Mariah Carey has a number of projects in the pipeline, including a "themed album".

The 'Hero' hitmaker has revealed she's been working on lots of music, including brand new tunes for what looks set to be either a "scripted series or documentary".

Speaking on the 'Rolling Stone Music Now' podcast, she spilled: "It's about three or four different things. One is a project that I'm almost finished with that I was doing some background vocal tweaks on. One is (new) songs that could be for the scripted series or could be for a documentary. And then, there's a themed album.

“It's something that people have been asking me to do for years, but it's not done in the traditional sense. It's not done yet, but I'm really excited about it. I'm working (on that album) with some very eclectic, newer artists, as well as some legendary folks."

The 53-year-old pop icon also admitted it did her voice good to have a rest amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as it had been "damaged" and started sounding "hoarse".

She said: "Travelling and getting hoarse and doing this and doing that did damage my voice for a minute.

"But having that moment to kind of get it back to a place where I felt really good about it was its own gift. I mean, none of us were thrilled to be dealing with Covid, but that did give me a chance to get back into the studio and just strictly focus on music."

Last week, the Grammy winner celebrated the 25th anniversary of her seminal 1997 LP 'Butterfly'.

And she's been working on the new recordings at her Butterfly Lounge studios.