Titillation could not be a more accurate word for Mariah Carey's Valentine's Day plans. Particularly as Carey was certainly showing a great deal of cleavage and leg whilst she relaxed in a balloon bubble bath, dressed in a candy bikini and drinking champagne.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have been married since 2008.

Watch Mariah Carey's 'You're Mine (Eternal)' music video.

In a publicity stunt to promote her remixed 'You're Mine (Eternal)' Mariah Carey managed to ensure her husband, Nick Cannon, was home early on Valentine's Day and ensure her single was headline news. Carey and Cannon have been married since 2008 and still seem as in love as ever, as the pictures Carey posted on Instagram show!

The photographs were posted on Instagram on Saturday and showed Carey in a variety of poses. The first she leans towards the camera from the bath with a box emblazoned with "You're Mine (Eternal) evidently filled with candy hearts. She added the comment "Waiting for my Valentine." The 43-year-old was photographed wearing a candy bikini top in all three photographs which match the theme for her upcoming single. 

Carey wore a candy bikini top in the pictures she posted on Instagram:

Carey was "still waiting" as she relaxed in the balloon and glitter filled bath:

In a third image, Carey looked slightly less thrilled and added the caption "champagne, bubbles and candy and still no Valentine." But all was not lost for Carey whose husband Nick Cannon quickly arrived to scoop his wife from her bubble filled balloon bath. She added the caption "My funny Valentine has arrived! You're Mine Eternal. I love you Nick Cannon." After what seemed to have been a romantic evening for the couple, Carey told her fans she was spending the rest of the Valentine's Day weekend with her husband and their two children, twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe. 

Carey looked considerably less impressed in the later images as she was still without a Valentine:

Cannon rushed in to sweep his wife off her feet: