The Hero hitmaker will debut a champagne-coloured lipstick, named All I Want, inspired by her hit holiday song All I Want For Christmas Is You, in December (15). Carey will later expand her venture with a full Beauty Icon collection.

"I've been a huge fan of MAC Cosmetics for forever, and it's been my go-to makeup for stage and offstage," she tells "I don't keep that much makeup on me, but there are a couple of MAC colours that I really love and that I've been loyal to for years.

"MAC is great because it's an inclusive brand. They have a long history of diverse collaborations, and I'm a different-looking person. When I say different, I mean I'm an ambiguous-looking person. Most people have a difficult time being like, 'What is she?'

"This is going to be something that a lot of different people will be able to feel like they can wear, and it will look good on them because I kept that in mind when we were working on it."

Carey is not the only celebrity to release a beauty line with M.A.C. - Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have all launched their own collections via the company.

M.A.C. executives are also working on a line as a tribute to late Latin pop star Selena Quintanilla.