Marianas Trench is taking us to school. Don't worry - you won't be needing an expensive text book for this course, because they're teaching us the basics of pop music with their brand new single, 'Pop 101.'

Marianas Trench
 Marianas Trench arrives at the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards at MuchMusic HQ (Credit: Getty/Sonia Recchia

Frontman Josh Ramsay knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect pop song. He's been doing it for years as lead songwriter and vocalist for his band Marianas Trench, and he's churned out a number of fantastic albums and chart topping hits. The band's first album, Fix Me, managed to go Gold in Canada while their two follow up records, Masterpiece Theatre and Ever After, both went Platinum. They've also got two Canadian top ten singles and eleven of those singles have at least been certified Gold. Clearly, he's succeeded on the band front, but what about solo? While he's never made an actual solo album, he's written a ton of for other artists. He's been responsible for cutting tracks from groups like Faber Drive and Girlicious, but his real claim to fame is the history he has with pop star Carly Rae Jepsen.

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Before becoming a mega star, Jepsen released her first album independently, titled Tug of War. On that record included a track called 'Sour Candy' featuring guest vocals from Ramsay, but it wouldn't be until the two got together to work on the single that changed everything. 'Call Me Maybe,' the track that went number one in 19 countries, was co-written and solely produced by Ramsay, and also scored him a couple of Grammy Award nominations - the firsts of his career. He also helped pen and produce 'Guitar String/Wedding Ring' on Jepsen's Kiss album, too, so Ramsay certainly has a way with words, whether singing or writing, to make the best pop possible.

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