Marianne Faithfull says rumours of Sir Mick Jagger having a small penis are "nearly" true.

The Rolling Stones frontman has been plagued by claims he has a less than impressive manhood - with bandmate Keith Richards recently saying his ex-girlfriend Marianne had "no fun with his tiny todger" - and now the 64-year-old actress has voiced her opinion on the matter.

When asked if Keith's comments were accurate, Marianne - who dated the singer from 1966 to 1970 - said: "Not quite, but nearly."

Yesterday (09.02.11), it was claimed the band's latest tour was in jeopardy as Mick is still angry with Keith' comments in his autobiography 'Life' and a subsequent interview.

A source said: "Mick read Keith's book before publication and didn't have any great problem with it.

"It was the fact that it was all dredged up in the interview afterwards that really upset him. Many believe this is the real reason why talks in relation to the tour have broken down."

Although Marianne seemed reasonably satisfied with Mick as a lover, one issue she isn't happy with is the credit she has been given in helping make the band a success.

She believes she deserves more recognition and money for her inspirational input and claims 'Satisfaction' singer Mick has a problem with sharing.

When asked if the 67-year-old rocker was selfish by Classic Rock magazine, Marianne said: "No comment. But it would be unrealistic to expect him to share. He isn't like that."