Singer Marie Osmond has expressed concerns for Michael Jackson's teenage daughter Paris after her apparent suicide bid, insisting she recognises similarities to the struggle her late son faced as the child of a famous parent.

The Paper Roses hitmaker's son Michael Bryan Blosil jumped to his death at the age of 18 from the balcony of his Los Angeles apartment in 2010 following a long battle with depression.

Having grown up in the spotlight herself and lived through the heartache of losing her son to suicide, Osmond insists 15-year-old Paris should be more protected from the outside world.

Speaking on U.S. chat show The Talk on Monday (10Jun13), she says, "I was the sister growing up with these famous brothers so I know what it was like to be behind the scenes. I also know what it feels like to be the celebrity and have a child. I have a son who committed suicide as well, and you know, as I knew I was coming on this show, I looked at her Twitter page and the thing that kinda stood out to me as a mother is she has this picture of (Vincent) Van Gogh, and you all know Van Gogh is very dark and depressed and ended up committing suicide and that is a big flag as a mother.

"She should be more protected... When I heard them say she was in the hospital and laughing and whatever...this child's embarrassed…This child's gonna be like 'I'm fine,' she's not fine. And I think to take the opportunity to really look and look at all the components in this child's life - whether he is her father, her abandonment issues with her mother, this family that has rallied that she doesn't really know, a public terrible thing said about Michael, her dad - and people can be so cruel, it's like massive bullying. So this little girl's in a really hard place. Who knows what the answers are, but I'd seriously look. My heart breaks for her."

Paris is now recovering at the UCLA Medical Center after emergency service officials were called to her family's Calabasas, California home last Wednesday (05Jun13).