Veteran entertainer Marie Osmond often spends her Sundays with a swollen tongue because she refuses to give up her love of strawberries, even though she is allergic to them.

The Paper Roses singer reveals she cannot resist the fruit, especially when it's dipped in chocolate, so she would rather put up with the numb feeling in her mouth and throat than quit eating them.

She says, "I'm allergic to strawberries... I don't get like, all clogged up or anything, but when I eat them, my kids go, 'Mum, don't eat them!' because I'll get a little rash, and I'll go, 'Look, it's Sunday, I always eat them on Sunday, because I don't have to think.'

"My tongue swells and my throat will go numb. But I eat them, I'm sorry, I like strawberries! I love them."