DONNY and Marie Osmond have settled a legal battle with the producer of their Las Vegas show, after he accused the singing siblings of conspiring to cut him out of his contract.
Chip Lightman filed suit last month (Oct10) accusing the pair of breach of contract, unjust enrichment, fraud, and defamation for allegedly backing out of plans to extend their variety act, The Donny & Marie show, at the Flamingo Hotel until 2012.
He branded Donny "devious, fraudulent and greedy" and claimed the singer had "concocted a scheme" to avoid paying him for his work and ordered him to accept a 50 per cent pay cut if he wanted to keep his job.
The Osmonds have now settled the dispute and Lightman has dismissed his complaint, according to Access Hollywood.
Details of the agreement were not disclosed, but Lightman has released a statement apologising to the pair for his harsh comments about them.
It reads, "I am pleased we were able to resolve this matter and am sorry that, in the heat of battle, comments may have been made that were hurtful to the Osmonds."
Donny Osmond adds, "My sister and I want to thank Chip Lightman for great contributions he made in launching our show at the Flamingo. We look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future."