Marie Osmond has thanked her son for reuniting her with first husband Stephen Craig after he encouraged his parents to get back in contact.
The singer wed former basketball player Craig for a second time in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas on 4 May (11). The pair divorced in 1985 after three years as husband and wife.
Now Osmond has opened up about the reconciliation, revealing she re-ignited the romance after her 28-year-old son, Stephen Jr., asked Craig to help her move into a new house in Sin City.
But she decided to keep their reunion a secret, fearing it would be too upsetting for her family if the relationship failed again.
Osmond tells CNN host Piers Morgan, "Really it was my son (who brought us together). I was moving here (to Las Vegas) and he said, 'Dad, mom needs help moving.' We've always kind of known each other and been amicable and friendly, but it wasn't until about two years ago that we thought well, let's give this a shot.
"We didn't really want anybody to know we were dating because if it didn't work out that hurts children. I was really set on being single."
Meanwhile, Marie's brother Donny insists he's overjoyed for his sister: "It's a Cinderella story with a lot of bumps in the road with a beautiful ending. I thought it was fantastic. I've always had this familiar relationship with Steve, I've always loved the guy. It hurt me for my sister to fall apart the way they did... When I saw them come together again, it was just a great moment."