Late screen siren Marilyn Monroe fantasised about being spanked and cuddled by movie legend CLARK GABLE - because she was desperate for him to be her adopted father.

The Misfits was Gable and Monroe's last movie - he died from a heart attack after completing the film in 1960 and Monroe died two years later (62) before completing work on SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE.

But the movie goddess never met her real father, and became so dependant on Gable during shooting on the romantic western, she regarded herself as his stubborn daughter.

She says in conversations taped for her psychiatrist DOCTOR RALPH GREENSON, "I have a dream for you. I dreamt I was sitting on Clark Gable's lap with his arms around me. He said, 'They want me to do a GONE WITH THE WIND sequel Maybe I will if you'll be my SCARLETT.'

"I woke up crying. He was so nice to me and I didn't deserve it. When I came back from a day off set, he patted my a*s and told me if I didn't behave myself he'd give me a good spanking. I looked him in the eye and said, 'Don't tempt me.' He burst out laughing so hard he was tearing.

"I wanted him to be my father. I wouldn't care if he spanked me as long as he made up for it by hugging me and telling me I was daddy's little girl and he loved me. Of course, that's fantasy."