Mario Lopez is worried about being ''outnumbered'' if he has a third child.

The 'Extra' host - who already has four-year-old daughter Gia Francesca and 18-month-old son Dominic with his wife Courtney - would love to add to the couple's brood as he enjoys being a father.

He said: ''I think once we go to number three, we are going to be outnumbered - then it will get very real.

''You don't realise the amount of love that you have for these new little humans. It changes your whole perspective and all your priorities.''

The 'Saved By The Bell' star enjoys returning home after time away to be greeted by his children, insisting they make every day less ''horrible''.

He said: ''If it's a horrible day - tough or long - I come home, go to the door and little kids yell, 'Daddy!' it makes it all better. It's only complemented my life.''

And although Mario, 41, regularly has to travel for his job, his wife Courtney, 32, doesn't mind.

She added to Mini magazine: ''Mario works so hard for our family, but no matter how long of a day he's had, he comes home and is so present.

''I couldn't have asked for a more perfect father for my children. He is everything.''