Mario Lopez congratulated his 'Extra' co-star Maria Menounos on her figure when she lost a Super Bowl bet, forcing her to strip down to a New York Giants-coloured bikini in the freezing New York weather. Menounos had a bet with her co-star Aj Calloway that the New England Patriots would win the championship final on Sunday. When she lost the bet, though, she was pictured in New York's Times Square, wearing nothing except a small blue, red and white bikini and a pair of black furry Ugg boots. Mario Lopez is pictured with his arm around the presenter and the couple are surrounded by Giants fans, holding placards in support of their team.
On his Twitter feed, Mario Lopez posted a message that read "My girl mariamenounos lost a Super Bowl bet & had to wear a NY Giants bikini! Big props..Look great." Menounos herself maintained her support for the Patriots, saying "Sorry, but you know what - I love the Pats for fighting to the bitter end. PatrioTpride," Before she dropped her white robe, though, she was heard saying "I hate bets. I'm never doing this again," according to New York Daily News.
The New York Giants won the 2012 Super Bowl, beating the Patriots 21-17. Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem before the match and the halftime entertainment was provided by Madonna, who was joined onstage by Cee Lo Green, Mia, Nicki Minaj and LMFAO.