Marion Cotillard would be 'torn apart' by the thought of her son going into acting.

The French actress , who has two-year-old son Marcel with director Guillaume Canet, insists she would support his decision to go into the industry but doesn't like the idea because of the pressure he would be under.

She told French magazine Ciné Télé Obs: ''To see him manifest an interest in acting in the future would tear me apart. To be a good actor, you have to have big, big flaws that may never be fixed.

''On the one hand, I would hope he would become a great actor. On the other, I would know his desire would be followed by something very painful.''

The 'Inception' actress insisted she doesn't worry about her son growing up surrounded by the showbiz world, but does her best with his upbringing to ensure he never ''resents'' her.

When asked if she worries about her son growing up in the showbiz world, she also told the French version of Marie Claire magazine: ''No, because he's going to grow up in this world, regardless. I do everything I can to make sure he doesn't one day resent me for not doing everything I could possibly have done for him.''