Mark Hamill is travelling across the pond, for a role in Greg Davies Channel 4 comedy ‘Man Down’. The Luke Skywalker actor will play a new character in one episode of the upcoming third series, but little has been given away about Hamill’s role.

Mark HamillMark Hamill will appear in the third series of ‘Man Down’.

Channel 4 are keen to keep Hamill’s character a secret, but have confirmed that he will not be playing himself. A source told the Radio Times: "He is a big fan of comedy and loves ‘Man Down’. He was really keen to do this.”

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The comedy’s third series will also see veteran actor Steven Berkoff join the cast as a ‘terrifying Eastern European caretaker,’ who makes Davies’ character Dan’s ‘usual efforts at covering his mistakes even more complicated.’

‘Peep Show’s’ Isy Suttie will also appear in series three, as will ‘Blackadder’ actor and ‘Time Team’ presenter Tony Robinson, who will play Dan’s mother’s new boyfriend Deadalus. Returning will be Roisin Conaty and Mike Wozniak, as Dan’s best friends Jo and Brian.

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Announcing the show’s third series Channel 4’s Nerys Evans said: “We’re delighted to have Greg back with the Man Down team. We are in awe of quite how many utterly humiliating situations he’s willing to put himself through for the love of comedy. But we’re definitely in no mood to ask him to stop.”