Mark Lanegan will only make music he will have ''fun'' performing.

The 52-year-old musician has admitted he always enjoys himself when he is in the studio creating new tracks, and he strives to make music he will want to belt out on stage for the rest of his career in the entertainment business.

Speaking to Metro newspaper, he said: ''I just have fun making records that I might want to listen to, if there wasn't somebody else making them.

''Also, I want to make records that I can have fun going out and playing live, for however many years.

''After making records for 30 years, I do have to make it interesting for me.''

And the 'Come On Over' singer has hinted he is open to working with other people in the industry because he just wants to create tracks he is ''happy'' with.

He explained: ''I'm just interested in putting something together that I'm happy with, at the end of the day and it doesn't really matter to me where it comes from.

''Obviously I've made records where I wrote every single song myself ... and I've written some songs myself and some with other people, and then I've done two records of covers''