OLIVER star Mark Lester is desperately trying to come to terms with the loss of longtime friend Michael Jackson and has promised to live up to the title of godfather to the King of Pop's kids.
The former child star and Jackson are godfathers to each other's children, and the families recently spent time together when the pop superstar was in London planning what were to be his comeback shows at the 02 Arena in London.
Lester says, "He was in such good form, such good spirits, so positive... He was looking forward to his concerts here in London... I'm just absolutely devastated.
"They're (Jackson's kids) the most fabulous kids and I will do anything... I'm here for them 24/7, so whatever they need, they've got from me. Michael was one of the best... He made me ashamed, he was such a good father."
Speaking to U.S. TV news network MSNBC an hour after the death, the Brit says, "We were just hoping and praying that these reports were unfounded."