The Uptown Funk hitmaker was the subject of much comment from critics when he attended the Versace for H&M event in New York City in 2011 in the gaudy outfit, which he teamed with a pink shirt and tie.

Now he has confessed the look was "a bit too far" and blames the fashion faux-pas on the easy access to designer suits after he found fame, insisting it distorted his dress sense and caused him to make odd outfit choices.

He tells British magazine ST, "In the beginning, when I first started wearing nice suits, in about 2007, I was so psyched to finally have something nice to wear - after years of just wanting to look like the Beastie Boys wearing Pumas with fat laces and band T-shirts.

"But then that can involve going a bit too far. Like wearing a bright pink suit with pink shoes. Eventually, however, you gravitate towards what you're good at. And what you can actually pull off."