Mark Ruffalo is undoubtedly a fan favourite member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing a sense of realism and relatability to his role as Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. Ever since his debut in the role, there have been calls for him to get his own solo flick as the monstrous Avenger, but if recent comments are anything to go by, that's not something that will be happening any time soon.

Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Hulk in upcoming film 'Thor: Ragnarok'Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Hulk in upcoming film 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Though there is technically a solo Hulk film in the MCU with Edward Norton's take on the character in 'The Incredible Hulk', the movie came at a time before Ruffalo's signing up to the brand. Fans would prefer to forget about this addition to the universe and enjoy a brand new one, with Ruffalo front-and-centre.

When asked by Variety at Disney's D23 Expo whether we should expect Ruffalo to lead a solo Hulk film in the future, the actor was blunt in his response.

"I just want to make one thing perfectly clear today that a standalone Hulk movie will never happen. Because Universal has the rights to the standalone Hulk movie and for some reason they don’t know how to play well with Marvel, and they don’t want to make money."

Though those comments came as clear cut as they ever could, Ruffalo later took to his Twitter account, writing: "I want a stand alone Hulk movie. I know I said there wouldn't be one but that doesn't mean there won't be one."

These words probably ring a little truer. Ruffalo is after all an actor, and likely has nothing to do with behind-the-scenes workings with movie rights and collaboration between movie studios. If anything, his words during the Marvel panel at D23 will serve to only sour the relationship between Marvel Studios and Universal.

Still, the thirst for a new MCU solo Hulk movie is out there. It would undoubtedly make some big bucks in the box office if any of the MCU movies of the past are anything to go by, so exactly why the two studios cannot come together and bring the film to fruition is anybody's guess.

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We'll bring you more news on any potential Hulk solo movies as we get it.