With 'Thor: Ragnarok' right around the corner, more information about the next addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is trickling out, and it looks like it's going to be one of the most exciting entries into the MCU series to-date.

Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Hulk in 'Thor: Ragnarok'Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Hulk in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Bringing Chris Hemsworth back to the titular role, the film will, for the majority of the time, take place away from Earth, with a number of big names from the universe playing a part. Tom Hiddleston is returning as Loki, with Mark Ruffalo bringing the Hulk to proceedings.

There's also an influx of brilliant new talent in Tessa Thompson and Cate Blanchett, who'll be playing Valkyrie and Hela respectively. Both brilliant female roles, fans can't wait to see what they have in-store for those who see the movie.

Cate Blanchett is amongst the cast for the filmCate Blanchett is amongst the cast for the film

Speaking with The Indian Express, Hulk actor Ruffalo said of the women leading the charge in 'Ragnarok': "It is great that we have Blanchett and Thompson, these two amazing, powerful, strong, beautiful, intelligent women, playing these two important, integral characters in this movie." 

He also teased of what they bring to the film: "We have Hela, played by Blanchett. She has all the power, all the strength, all the talent of any of the other gods, but with all the rage. She’s angry, and she wants to come back and take what she feels is rightfully hers. Except that she’s been pushed so far into the darkness that she’s become dark. She’s now the manifestation of death.

“Then you have Valkyrie, played by Thompson. She is another female presence who didn’t feel welcome. She’s a powerhouse and a brilliant fighter. She’s as equally as powerful as Thor. She’s a warrior. Valkyrie is one of the people who ended up banishing Hela from Asgard. But she’s also lost faith in the patriarchy and the elite power structure.”

Tessa Thompson also stars as ValkyrieTessa Thompson also stars as Valkyrie

As the first major female villain of the MCU, Blanchett's Hela will without a doubt be judged extra carefully by those watching. If there's anybody who can bring such a character to life however, it's Blanchett.

Valkyrie meanwhile may actually be a love interest for Thor, despite initially kidnapping him. We know he'll be going into 'Ragnarok' a single man, so to watch the relationship between the two develop will be very interesting indeed.

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Thor: Ragnarok' comes to cinemas across the UK on October 27.