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1st February 2017

Fact: Leonardo Dicaprio, Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander and Mark Rylance have all been confirmed to present at the 89th Academy Awards on 26 February 2017. The four stars scooped the top acting Oscars at last year's (16) ceremony and will give out the same accolades at the event later this month, where Jimmy Kimmel is acting as host.

14th January 2016

Quote: "I cannot separate my work in the film from the work of my friend Tom Hanks. Every thought, every look, every expression you are celebrating in my portrayal of Rudolph Abel, I found them all in the thoughtful generous presence of Tom Hanks beside me, or behind the camera." British actor Mark Rylance credits his Bridge of Spies co-star for his Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination.

16th February 2015

Quote: "Sean Penn called me up and asked if I'd be in a film with him. I nearly did say no because I had other engagements but they worked their schedule so they could get me in here. We met on a few occasions and became friends after that so he was very keen for me to come in, which was very nice for me." British thespian Mark Rylance on appearing alongside Sean Penn in new action film The Gunman.

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