Doctor Sivana may not be one of the most prominent villains to come from the world of DC Comics, but he'll be making a name for himself in upcoming DC Extended Universe release 'Shazam!'. Mark Strong is the man who'll be stepping into the shoes of the character, starring alongside Zachary Levi who takes the leading heroic role of Captain Marvel. The true identity of that hero however is where things get a little complicated, as he's actually a young child called Billy Batson, played here by Asher Angel.

Mark Strong is gearing up to play the villain in DCEU flick 'Shazam!'Mark Strong is gearing up to play the villain in DCEU flick 'Shazam!'

Billy will be able to transform into the superhero when he uses the word "Shazam!", and will face off against his biggest challenge when Strong's Dr. Thaddeus Sivana steps onto the scene. No stranger to the world of superhero movies, and in particular DC villains, Strong previously played the nasty Sinestro in the failed DC movie, 'Green Lantern', back in 2011.

Speaking with Celebretainment, Strong teased his new character, whilst also talking about his past dabble in the DC Universe: "I’m playing an evil b*****d called Doctor Sivana, they are always the best characters to play, the most fun. I was Sinestro in 'Green Lantern' which I thought was a rather good film but it didn’t do what they wanted so I feel like I’ve got unfinished business in the DC world, I played a pretty evil character in that and he was meant to get even worse in the second one but that never happened but I think I’m going to get the chance to do that in 'Shazam!', I hope so."

Having never been able to follow up on the post-credits scene that saw Sinestro absorb the energy from a Yellow Ring, Strong is understandably excited to step back into the shoes of a 'Big Bad' and tackle another exciting first for DC on the big screen. Hopefully, 'Shazam!' does a lot better with the critics and in the box office than 'Green Lantern', and then the door can be open for stories to be told in the coming years, rather than the flick being a one off!

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'Shazam!' is currently set for release on April 5, 2019.