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The Kids' Choice Awards 2014: So, Who Got Slimed?

The Kids' Choice Awards Jennifer Lawrence Mark Wahlberg Selena Gomez Ariana Grande Pharrell Williams David Blaine Austin Mahone Cody Simpson Kevin Hart

Jennifer Lawrence and pop group One Direction were among the big winners at the 27th annual Kids' Choice Awards at the Galen Center at USC in Los Angeles. Selena Gomez, Robert Downey Jr and Ariana Grande were also honored at Nickelodeon's annual awards show, at which 'unslimable' host Mark Wahlberg met his match.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence Won Big At The Kids' Choice Awards

Lawrence scooped two of the major awards - for Favorite Movie Actress and Favorite Female Buttkicker, while The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was named Favorite Movie.

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One Direction & Jennifer Lawrence Receive Top Awards At Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards

One Direction Jennifer Lawrence Miranda Cosgrove Justin Timberlake Selena Gomez Kaley Cuoco Mark Wahlberg

Pharrell and Kaley Cuoco did not manage to avoid the slime at this year's Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards. The awards, hosted by Mark Wahlberg, were held yesterday night (29th March) at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles.

One Direction
One Direction won the awards for Favourite Music Group and Favourite Song.

Music wise, One Direction did incredibly well gaining the awards for Favourite Song with 'Story of My Life' and Favourite Music Group. Whilst, in the solo category, Justin Timberlake received took home the award for Favourite Male Singer and Selena Gomez for Favourite Female Singer. Gomez was seemingly delighted with the award and tweeted thanking her fans for voting for her, adding a picture of her after the awards grinning broadly.

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Fault In Our Stars' Shailene Woodley And Ansel Elgort To Present At MTV Awards

Shailene Woodley Ansel Elgort Mark Wahlberg Cameron Diaz Leslie Mann Kate Upton

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort have been announced to be two of the awards presenters at the upcoming MTV Movie Awards. TheThe Fault In Our Stars co-stars will join other A-listers, including Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, to celebrate a fabulous year in film.

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley Will Be Presenting An Award At The MTV Movie Awards This Year.

Before they head to the stage to present the award, the details of which are currently unknown, the MTV audience will be treated to exclusive scene from their soon-to-be-released romance during the 2014 Movie Awards Pre-Show, starting at 8:30pm, according to MTV News.

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Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer

It's been four years since the disastrous conflict between the benevolent Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, and the evil Decepticons, led by Megatron. Now, it appears that the US government is no longer willing to work alongside the Autobots and instead long for Earth to be reclaimed by mankind. Cade Yeager is an inventor who is struggling to find the money to get his daughter Tessa through college, but he's about to make the breakthrough of a lifetime when he discovers that a vehicle he has newly purchased is made from no ordinary metal. On realising that he is housing Optimus Prime in his workshop, the government and the Decepticons are quick to attack, though when it becomes clear that Megatron is still hellbent on taken over Earth, he must band together with Optimus to save themselves and everybody else on the planet from total extinction.

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"Transformers: Age Of Extinction" Trailer - Explosions, Mark Wahlberg, More Explosions

Michael Bay Mark Wahlberg

Shia LaBeouf may have been replaced from the Transformers franchise, but all that matters is that Michael Bay is staying, as he reminded us with the flashiest, most-explotion filled trailer of forever. The new installment, now starring Mark Wahlberg, has a trailer as of yesterday and in case viewers ever miss the hint of a coherent story that Bay’s flicks have been lacking from the beginning, there are a lot of explosions and loud music to distract them from those shortcomings.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Poster
It seems like Michael Bay got almost free reign with the budget on his final installment.

Written by Ehren Kruger and directed by Bay, the new film sees Mark Wahlberg, playing a mechanic named Cade Yeagar, join the series about warring tribes of alien robots with a propensity for causing massive destruction here on planet Earth. To be fair, it’s only a teaser trailer, so there is plenty of time to reveal more of the story.

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Mila Kunis Is Out, Amanda Seyfried Is In For Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted 2'

Mila Kunis Amanda Seyfried Seth Macfarlane Mark Wahlberg

Seth Macfarlane is replacing Mila Kunis with Amanda Seyfried as the female lead in Ted 2. According to Deadline, Kunis will either appear in a small role in the sequel or not appear at all. Apparently there’s no bad blood between Kunis and Macfarlane. The casting change was just a creative decision and Kunis continues to provide the voice of Meg Griffin on MacFarlane’s longrunning Family Guy.

Mila KunisAmanda Seyfried
Kunis [l] is out, to be replaced with Amanda Seyfried [r].

There might be some dramatic twist coming in the Ted sequel, if Kunis’ character Lori Collins is no longer in the picture. At the end of Ted Lori married Mark Wahlberg's John Bennett, so there must be some shakeup in the story – either between the two movies or at the beginning of the second one. The rest of the primary cast – Mark Wahlberg and MacFarlane himself as the voice of the foul-mouthed teddy bear – are, of course, reprising their roles.

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Debbie Wahlberg Remembered In Wahlberg Family Reality TV Show

Mark Wahlberg

Debbie Wahlberg, the sister of brothers Mark Wahlberg, Paul and Donnie who died in 2003, was remembered in last night's premiere episode of Wahlburgers - the new reality show that centers around the boys' burger bar in Boston.

Mark WahlbergMark Wahlberg's sister Debbie died in 2004

The three famous brothers were seen looking over family photographs in the premiere, while Paul spoke briefly about his sister, who died on the same day that Mark became a father for the first time. Deborah tragically died at the age of 43 after reportedly suffering a heart attack while being treated for kidney stones - meanwhile, across the country, Mark was celebrating the birth of his baby girl Ella Rae. 

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Mark Wahlberg's Lone Survivor Shoots Down Disney's Frozen From Box Office Peak [Trailer]

Mark Wahlberg Taylor Kitsch Eric Bana Emile Hirsch Ben Foster

Lone Survivor has triumphed in its first weekend of release to rise to the top of the US and Canadian box office. The war movie, which stars Mark Wahlberg, has defied critics in topping the weekend's movie theaters, dislodging the No.1 place stalwart Frozen and earning $38.5 million, exceeding the $26 million prediction.

Lone Survivor Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg's New Movie Has Shot To The Top Of The North American Box Office.

Based on a memoir written by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, the movie opened on a crowded weekend that launched other eagerly anticipated films such as Her and The Legend of Hercules. The film accomplished the impressive task of dethroning Frozen, a film that saw off competition from Anchorman 2, The Hobbit 2 and American Hustle.

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Mark Wahlberg Jokingly Threatens One Direction's Harry Styles, "I'm Going To Punch Harry In The Nose" [Video]

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has a problem with British boy band One Direction and one member in particular.

The 42 year-old has decided to attack the 'Story of My Life' singers because his daughters, Ella and Grace, prefer to talk about Harry Styles rather than daddy's movie career.

Wahlberg discussed his new hate for the former X-Factor contestant's while appearing on Conan O'Brien's talk-show on Thursday night (Jan 9th).

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Mark Wahlberg: "I'm Gonna Punch Harry Styles When I See Him"

Mark Wahlberg Harry Styles One Direction

Michael Wahlberg appeared on Conan on Thursday night (9th January) and discussed his secret hated of One Direction! The 42-year-old actor told host Conan O'Brien how he wanted to punch Harry Styles as his young children were obsessed with him. 

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg wants to punch Harry Styles.

He explained how his two daughters, Ella (aged 10) and Grace (aged 4), absolutely adore the lead singer of the British pop group. The Ted actor imitated his daughter, saying "My 4-year-old's going 'Daddy, I like Harry.' And I'm like, 'Well I'm gonna punch Harry in the nose when I see him.'" 

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Lone Survivor Review

Very Good

The title kind of gives away the ending of this harrowing true story, which is worth a look despite its tendency to exaggerate the heroics. But it's also an unusually well-made military thriller that throws us right into the middle of the chaos with visceral filmmaking. And it's impossible to miss the point that these men rely on each other every moment of every day: they certainly can't survive alone.

The events take place in 2005 Afghanistan, where a Navy Seal team is sent into the mountains to find a feared Taliban leader (Azami). These men are like brothers, with Marcus (Wahlberg) leading Mike, Matt and Danny (Kitsch, Foster and Hirsch), under the command of Erik (Bana) back at the base. As they head out on their mission, everything goes to plan until they run into a group of innocent goatherds. Letting them go will compromise their mission, but it's clearly the right thing to do. And this decision sparks an escalating situation that seems increasingly hopeless.

From the very start, we know these Seals aren't normal soldiers: they undergo especially gruelling training and then bond tightly as colleagues, relying on their ruggedness, tenacity and camaraderie. Which of course allows writer-director Berg to portray them as superheroes. This is a problem, because it reduces the Afghans to faceless, murderous villains, at least until the much more complex final act in which an entire village risks its life to save an injured American soldier. And this strikingly moving sequence is the one we remember much more than the chest-pounding patriotism.

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The 10 Worst Films Of 2013

Charlie Sheen Mark Wahlberg Dwayne Johnson Justin Timberlake Ben Affleck Cliff Richard Judi Dench Luc Besson Robert De Niro Michelle Pfeiffer Tommy Lee Jones Status Quo Jeff Bridges Adam Sandler

10. A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III
10. A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III - 
Charlie Sheen exploits his bad-boy image in this fractured comedy in which he plays a paranoid idiot who thinks his ex is trying to kill him. But the story is wafer-thin, and the film is almost overpoweringly indulgent.
Read more about 'A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III' here

Pain & Gain

9. Pain & Gain - Michael Bay's comedy may feature enjoyably offhanded performances from Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, but it's also the year's most offensive movie. Playing a true-life murder for laughs is only the first mistake.
Watch the trailer for 'Pain & Gain' here
Read the full review for 'Pain & Gain' here

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After A Year In Court, Tom Cruise Settles With Tabloids On Defamation Lawsuit

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Mark Wahlberg

Tom Cuise has settled his defamation lawsuit with InTouch and Life & Style over the accusations that he had abandoned his daughter Suri, published by the tabloids last year. The settlement included a carefully worded apology by the defendants. In it, they claim: “Bauer Publishing, 'In Touch' and 'Life and Style' never intended to communicate that Tom Cruise had cut off all ties and abandoned his daughter Suri and regret if anyone drew that inference from anything they published.”

Tom Cruise, TLC Chinese Theater
Cruise only settled on the condition that the tabloids in question apologise for their statements.

The settlement also states that each side is to pay its own legal fees, according to TMZ. The settlement was originally started by Cruise over accusations that he’d “abandoned” his then six-year-old daughter, following his public divorce from Katie Holmes.

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Mark Wahlberg Admits He Was "Kind Of A D---" To Leonardo DiCaprio

Mark Wahlberg Leonardo Dicaprio

In news that hasn’t really been relevant for at least two decades, Mark Wahlberg was apparently “a bit of a d**k” to Leonardo Dicaprio back in the 90s. The Pain and Gain star revealed as much in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Wahlberg talked about many things in the interview – finding religion and supporting gay marriage at the same time, his early years in Hollywood and, as part of that – that time he was almost looked over for a part in The Basketball Diaries alongside Leo.

Mark Wahlberg, Pain & Gain Los Angeles PremiereLeonardo DiCaprio, LACMA 2013
These two got off on the wrong foot.


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Mark Wahlberg Admits He's Getting Silent Treatment From His Mother

Mark Wahlberg Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan

In a surprising statement on 'Live with Kelly & Michael', Mark Wahlberg touches on some family drama revealing that his mother Alma is currently giving him the silent treatment, for reasons as yet unknown.

While Alma Wahlberg is the matriarch of a particularly large and successful family, it seems it's not always easy to get along. 'Lone Survivor' star Mark Wahlberg opened up to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on their chat show about recent conflicts when he was asked if his mother helped him choose his grey suit. 'My mom's not speaking to me right now', he revealed, though didn't elaborate.

In a bid to lighten his mood, Kelly suggested that she may just have her hands full with his seven other siblings, whose careers have been significantly overshadowed by the youngest child's Hollywood breakthrough. 'It's because you're doing well', Kelly insisted. 'The mother always likes the one whose doing least well the most.'

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A Week In Movies: Catching Fire Premieres, Portman Dodges The Paps, Jolie Is Maleficent, Farrell Travels In Time And Wahlberg Is Buzzing

Jennifer Lawrence Lee Daniels Ridley Scott Jude Law Natalie Portman Angelina Jolie Colin Farrell Mark Wahlberg

Hunger Games Catching Fire

The big event this week was the world premiere on Monday night of the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire, with the entire cast on the red carpet in Leicester Square. Early word on the film has been overwhelmingly positive before it opens worldwide next week. The press have even been seen applauding at screenings. Click here to read why The Hunger Games Catching Fire is leaving fans starving for more [Premiere Pics, Trailer, Movie Stills and More].

New films released in Britain this week include Lee Daniels' star-packed drama The Butler, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's crowd-pleasing writing and directing debut Don Jon, Ridley Scott's A-list thriller The Counsellor and Jude Law in the British crime comedy Dom Hemingway. But will any of these be able to unseat Gravity on the UK box office chart? Click to read our reviews for The ButlerDon JonThe CounsellorDom Hemingway and Gravity.

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Mark Wahlberg: "How F*cking Dare Actors Compare Movies To War!"

Mark Wahlberg Tom Cruise

Mark Wahlberg has ridiculed the idea that preparing for war movies is similar to being in real conflict. The actor - who plays a Navy SEAL in his latest movie, Peter Berg's Lone Survivor - was speaking at the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles on Tuesday (November 12, 2013).

Mark Wahlberg Lone SurvivorMark Wahlberg [Front, left] in 'Lone Survivor'

Though Wahlberg made no mention of Tom Cruise, his remarks come just a week after the Hollywood star appeared to compare being away from his young daughter for a movie shoot to "serving in Afghanistan."

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Was This Mark Wahlberg's Response To Tom Cruise For Comparing Acting To Tour Of Duty?

Mark Wahlberg

The world premiere of Mark Wahlberg's new marine film 'Lone Survivor' took place on Tuesday (Nov 12th) at the TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. According to The Wrap, the 42 year-old joined the packed audience for a Q&A session after the unveiling of his new movie, and Wahlberg displayed great passion for the armed forces.

Mark Wahlberg Lone SurvivorMark Wahlberg [Center left] with his boys in 'Lone Survivor'

Wahlberg's emotion rant begin with targeting privileged Hollywood actors, "For actors to sit there and talk about 'oh I went to SEAL training'? I don't give a f-ck what you did," Wahlberg said.

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Welcome To Wahlburgers: Mark & Donnie Wahlberg Handed Restaurant-Based Reality Series

Mark Wahlberg Donnie Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg isn't just a one-time pop star-turned-one of the highest paid actors in the world, he also happens to be a restauranteur too. Mark is a part of Wahlburgers, a family-owned and run burger joint based in Hingham, Massachusetts, that will serve as the backing for a new reality series, also titled Wahlburgers.

Mark WahlbergDonnie Wahlberg
Mark [L] and Donnie [R] will both appear throughout the series

With the help of his brother, Donnie Wahlberg, Mark will front the show, which will give a candid look at life within the restaurant business, as well as giving us a closer look at life within the Wahlberg clan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will feature the two brothers heading back to their native Boston to join forces with their "most talented sibling," Paul, who acts as executive chief of the Wahlberg business.

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Mark And Donnie Wahlberg Will Star In A&E Reality Series

Mark Wahlberg

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg will become the latest stars to have their own reality show.

The upcoming series, on A&E, will see how Hollywood actor Mark copes with his brothers, Donnie and Paul, in running a family owned restaurant.

The show will be called 'Wahlburgers'.

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The 'Entourage' Movie Is Officially GO. Today Is A Good Day.

Adrian Grenier Mark Wahlberg Doug Ellin

Looks like Vinnie Chase, Turtle, Eric, Ari and Johnny Drama are getting the old gang back together. According to Jerry Ferrara, who plays the street-smart Turtle, the Entourage movie is officially a goer despite stories of unrealistic money demands. 

Entourage castThe Boys Are Back! Entourage Movie Is Confirmed

"I am proud to announce the #Entourage movie is officially a GO! Have to thank @wbpictures  and @HBO for all the support to make this happen!" he tweeted on Monday.

Continue reading: The 'Entourage' Movie Is Officially GO. Today Is A Good Day.

Mark Wahlberg's Jail Time Changed Him

Mark Wahlberg Rhea Durham

Rapper-turned-singer Mark Wahlberg, has opened up about his time in jail and referred to it as a "wake-up call". The actor, who is now 42-years-old, was sentenced to two years in prison at the age of 16 for assaulting a Vietnamese man. While he only served 45 days of the sentence, he admits that it was a harsh punishment which convinced him to set himself on the straight-and-narrow.

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Explaining the experience and his decision to turn his life around, 'Pain and Gain' star, Wahlberg said that: ''When I went to jail, that was a wake-up call. Over my lifetime I've known a lot of unsavoury characters. I made a lot of mistakes in my own life, too, but thankfully I was able to learn from them. That was quite some time ago."

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Pain & Gain Review


Spirited and very funny, this movie should actually be rather disturbing since it's a true story about torture and murder. But director Michael Bay is so slick with the action and comedy elements that he lulls audiences to sleep, entertaining us with events that really should send chills down our spines. So the movie feels rather tasteless when you begin to think about it.

Wahlberg stars as Daniel, an obsessive bodybuilder in 1990s Miami who works as a personal trainer at a local gym. But he's becoming increasingly annoyed by the fact that his clients are much wealthier than he is. So he convinces his steroid-addicted colleague Adrian (Mackie) to help him kidnap a customer (Shalhoub) and steal his fortune. Realising that they need some help, they enlist born-again ex-con Paul (Johnson) in their plan. But none of them is very smart, and the kidnapping goes badly wrong from the start. Still, they manage to steal quite a lot before a tenacious private detective (Harris) notices something isn't right.

For a story that deals with such intensely serious themes, this is an oddly broad comedy. Bay never even tries to find dark irony here; he just focusses on how stupid these criminals are, convinced that they are as cool as the characters from their favourite movies and eerily unbothered by the fact that they are inflicting pain and even death on people for their own greedy ends. The actors inhabit the roles with a disarming naivete, so we can't help but laugh at their idiotic actions. Wahlberg plays Daniel as a muscle-head so focussed on getting what he wants that he doesn't notice the carnage in his wake; Mackie at least gives Adrian a sense of self-doubt, plus some comical romance (with scene-stealer Wilson); and Johnson has a tricky role as a religious guy with a weakness for drugs and women.

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Justin Bieber Make-A-Wish Hits A Record - 200 Dreams Come True

Justin Bieber Mark Wahlberg

The Justin Bieber Make-A-Wish Foundation partnership is proving popular; the young hitmaker has granted 200 separate wishes to sick kids which, considering his escapades over the last few months, is actually welcome news.

Justin BieberWahlberg said stop smoking weed Justin!

The foundation used Twitter to thank Bieber "for granting so many amazing wishes." - "Hey Beliebers! Join us in congratulating @JustinBieber on his 200th wish & help us grant even more," they said. His 200th wish? Granting an eight-year-old girl - who is suffering from a life threatening liver condition – the gift of marriage. He accepted her proposal and made the Atlanta-born Annalysha Brown-Rafanan a very happy little lady.

Continue reading: Justin Bieber Make-A-Wish Hits A Record - 200 Dreams Come True

2 Guns Review


What looks like a rather standard buddy action comedy is elevated by a smarter-than-normal script, skilful direction and surprisingly offhanded chemistry between Washington and Wahlberg. In addition to the usual action chaos, the film lets big issues gurgle under the surface while refusing to play it safe. For example, the villain here is the US government, rather than some cliched foreign nutcase.

It's set on the US-Mexico border, where smooth operator Bobby (Washington) is working with fast-talking Stig (Wahlberg) to make a deal with the drug kingpin Papi Greco (Olmos). When they decide to rob a local bank to get his attention, the whole situation blows up in their faces. Not only does it emerge that both are undercover federal agents (Bobby with the DEA and Stig with Navy Intelligence), but their bosses (Burke and Marsden, respectively) are unwilling to protect them. Even Bobby's colleague-girlfriend (Patton) can't really help. And now they're being chased by everyone, including Papi and a swaggering killer (Paxton) with connections to the CIA.

The rather crazy plot demands that we pay attention as each of these factions is brought into focus, and it's refreshing to see a big movie that never abandons its own internal logic. Everything does indeed fit together into a larger picture, and since Bobby and Stig are alone in trying to figure it out, we happily go with them. Washington and Wahlberg are having a lot of fun with these characters as they jostle against each other in various displays of messy bravado. Opposite them, Patton has a thankless sexy-female role, but Olmos is quietly fierce, and Paxton steals every scene as a cocky, sneering villain who leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.

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Mark Wahlberg's Wife Dislikes His Sex Scenes

Mark Wahlberg Rhea Durham Denzel Washington

It isn't particularly shocking to discover that Mark Wahlberg's wife is not particularly happy about the sex scenes he is occasionally called on to film. The actor has stated that he now does whatever he can to avoid having to film such scenes, after his wife, Rhea Durham, voiced her concerns to him. 

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Durham, who is the mother of Wahlberg's four children (Ella, 9, Michael, 7, Brendan, four and Grace, 3), was happy with her husband's performance in '2 Guns', as he didn't even take his shirt off for the role. Wahlberg talked about his '2 Guns' character, stating ''I love that about him. He's constantly trying to be a ladies' man but he never scores ... And my wife prefers it that way. I prefer to stay away from scenes with me and naked women - it doesn't go down too well. ''

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Weekend Box Office - '2 Guns' Is 2 Powerful For Competition

Mark Wahlberg Denzel Washington

As predicted, the big names of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg were enough to draw in the crowds as 2 Guns took the weekend box office crown. A total of $27m changed hands so people could see the action/comedy, while the also-released Smurfs 2 managed a reputable third spot.

Sandwiched in-between was The Wolverine, which lost its top spot to 2 Guns. $21.7m took its total gross to $95m. Including the worldwide market, the Hugh Jackman film has eclipsed its budget, which will please the studio after some pretty scary early reviews.

Talking of scary reviews, The Smurfs shouldn’t be anywhere near the top ten, but a strong existing fanbase and some high profile celeb voices saw the parents and kids roll up for an afternoon of blue action. $18.2m was enough to secure a not-too-embarrassing third place.

Continue reading: Weekend Box Office - '2 Guns' Is 2 Powerful For Competition

US Weekend Box Office: '2 Guns' Shoots Past 'The Smurfs 2' To No.1

Denzel Washington Mark Wahlberg Paula Patton Fred Ward James Marsden Edward James Olmos Bill Paxton

2 Guns shoots to the top of the US Weekend Box Office grossing, on its opening weekend, over $27 million.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington at the premiere of 2 Guns at the SVA Theatre, New York.

2 Guns stars Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. The cast also includes Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, Fred Ward, James Marsden and Edward James Olmos. The film follows a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer on the run after failing to infiltrate a drug cartel.

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A Week In Movies: Red Carpets For 2 Guns And Lovelace, New Glimpses Of Walter Mitty, The Millers And Bad Grandpa

Denzel Washington Mark Wahlberg Amanda Seyfried Sharon Stone Sandra Bullock Melissa McCarthy Ryan Gosling Lindsay Lohan Ben Stiller Johnny Knoxville

2 Guns

The stars turned out this week for the world premiere of 2 Guns, the new action movie that teams up Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. Both actors were on the red carpet in New York along with the film's Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur and costars including James Marsden and Bill Paxton. Musicians Robin Thicke and 50 Cent also turned up to see the film, which will have its international premiere in London next week.

Video - Mark Wahlberg And Denzel Washington Spotted At 2 Guns World Premiere

Continue reading: A Week In Movies: Red Carpets For 2 Guns And Lovelace, New Glimpses Of Walter Mitty, The Millers And Bad Grandpa

Video - Mark Wahlberg And Denzel Washington Joke Around In '2 Guns' Interview

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington are interviewed about their new action comedy flick '2 Guns' in which they star as two double-crossed, undercover cops. They talk about the characters' relationship and why is makes such desirable cinematic viewing.

Continue: Video - Mark Wahlberg And Denzel Washington Joke Around In '2 Guns' Interview

It's Back To Broadway For Denzel Washington In 'A Raisin In The Sun'

Denzel Washington Mark Wahlberg

Like many accomplished actors, Denzel Washington found the stage to be his biggest and most rewarding challenge, so it’s no surprise that he’s heading back to Broadway in the spring for a revival of Lorraine Hansberry's classic play, ‘A Raisin in the Sun.

"It's a marathon, not a sprint," he told CNN of his acting career, specifically on sticking with Hollywood for all these years “I'm just a regular guy. I'm still trying to get better at what I do." A starring role in Fences three years ago saw Washington take home a Tony Award.

"Working with those actors and working with great material, it kind of gave me new energy," Washington added tp CNN of working in theatre. "I'm like, OK, I've gotta rededicate myself and work harder at it." And with such a love for the stage, Washington just can’t keep himself from it.

Continue reading: It's Back To Broadway For Denzel Washington In 'A Raisin In The Sun'

Nobody Knows If Wahlberg, Washington's '2 Guns' Is Great, Or Terrible [Trailer]

Mark Wahlberg Denzel Washington

Two crooked undercover cops partner up, unknowingly leading investigations on the other. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington's latest movie 2 Guns has been made at least 20 times in the past. And if it hasn't, then it should have been. But it probably has.

Essentially, 2 Guns is a throwback to the 80s buddy cop comedies, though the adaptation of Steven Grant's book is a little darker. Washington and Wahlberg star as Bobby Trench and Marcus Stigman, who become embroiled in a dangerous war with drug kingpin (Edward James Olmos) whilst investigating each other. 

During an interview with Screen Rant, Washington explained how he wasn't too fussed about the script and simply wanted to work with his pal Wahlberg. Shame it was 2 Guns Wahlberg and and not The Departed, or The Fighter Wahlberg, then.

Continue reading: Nobody Knows If Wahlberg, Washington's '2 Guns' Is Great, Or Terrible [Trailer]

'2 Guns' Failures To Fire Up Critics In Early Reviews

Denzel Washington Mark Wahlberg Paula Patton James Marsden Baltasar Kormakur Fred Ward Bill Paxton Edward James Olmos

2 Guns, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, is due to be released on US cinemas on 2nd August. The film sees a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer forced to run following their failed attempt at infiltrating a drug cartel. The film has received less than favourable early critical reviews.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington at the premiere of 2 Guns in New York.

Many have described the action film as being cliché and lacking in a cohesive plot or particularly strong characters. Keith Uhlich of Time Out New York said the movie "quickly degenerates into boilerplate Hollywood sound and fury, complete with a climactic Mexican stand-off that revolves around a massive, burning pile of money".

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Denzel Washington Struggles To Keep His Weight In Line

Denzel Washington David Letterman Mark Wahlberg

Denzel Washington has admitted that he has difficulty keeping his weight under control, mainly due to his love of ice-cream. The 58-year-old has revealed a strong sweet-tooth, but his real guilty pleasure is Häagen-Dazs, despite its massive calorie count. He attributes his fluctuating weight to the ice-cream.

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Washington appeared on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on 29th July, 2013, revealing that: ''Actually at one point I got to 247 lbs. I was directing a movie and I was editing the film so I was very nervous about it and I'm in the dark in the editing room for five or six months and I'm just eating.'' Washington is set to appear in '2 GUNS' opposite Mark Wahlberg, for which he had to get back into shape for all of the stunts in the movie. He reveals, however, that there is now quick way to get fit.

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Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence And Kristen Stewart Top Forbes Highest Paid Actresses List

Angelina Jolie Emma Stone Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Aniston Robert Downey Jr Channing Tatum Kristen Stewart Hugh Jackman Mark Wahlberg

Angelina Jolie returns to the top of the Forbes highest paid actress list after a three year break since her last big-budget movie.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie at the London premiere of World War Z.

That's not to suggest Jolie has been lazing about, quite the contrary, she has written and directed her first film The Land of Blood and Honey; opted for a double mastectomy following the discovery she carries the BRCA1 gene and wrote a New York Times article on her operation. 

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Ben Foster Lined-Up To Play Lance Armstrong In Movie Biopic

Ben Foster Lance Armstrong Stephen Frears Mark Wahlberg Jj Abrams Bradley Cooper

Ben Foster has emerged as the number one candidate to take on the role as Lance Armstrong in the upcoming biopic about the seven-time Tour de France winner who was stripped of his titles in 2012 following an investigation into claims that he had used performance enhancing drugs. According to Deadline, who broke the story, Foster is in the final stages of discussions with the film's bosses, with filming expected to begin as early as fall this year.

Ben Foster Broadway
Foster is in 'advanced talks' with studio bosses

The Stephen Frears-directed biopic, which is being penned by Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge, will follow Armstrong from his battle with cancer in the mid-1990's, leading up until his much-publicised fall from grace in 2012 when he was found guilty of using illegal, performance enhancing drugs. Although he denied ever using drugs throughout his career, the disgraced cyclist admitted to doping during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in January 2013.

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What The Hell Has Happened To M. Night Shyamalan?

M. Night Shyamalan Bruce Willis Sony Zooey Deschanel Mark Wahlberg Matt Dillon Melissa Leo Will Smith

How many chances is M. Night Shyamalan going to get to direct a big-budget movie without making it toe-curlingly horrible? The Indian-American filmmaker proved he had the talent to put together an entertaining narrative with The Sixth Sense, though audiences are still waiting for Shyamalan to recreate that magic. They have been waiting for a long time.

There were flashes of quality in his two efforts after the Bruce Willis horror-drama, Signs and Unbreakable, though both suffered from sequences that bordered on the ridiculous. The dip in form continued with The Village (2004) though reached a terrifying low with Lady in the Water (2006) - or so we thought.

The Happening, starring Zooey Deschanel and Mark Wahlberg, prompted the New Republic to assert, "[A]n astonishment, so idiotic in conception and inept in execution that, after seeing it, one almost wonders whether it was real or imagined," though Shyamalan's career eventually reached its nadir with the infamous Last Airbender (2010) about a 12-year-old boy who provides the last hope of restoring harmony to a land consumed by chaos. "$150,000,000 well wasted. The Last Airbender is an insult to those wanting sophisticated, entertaining or even competent cinema," said Michael Leader of Film4. In his scathing review, Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian said, "After the first five seconds, it seems as if you have been watching it for around two-and-a-half hours, and that this time has passed in four-and-a-half days." 

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Is This A Joke? Comedian T.J. Miller Joins Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4'

TJ Miller Mark Wahlberg Michael Bay Megan Fox Transformers

American comedian T.J. Miller is joining Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay's Transformers 4, according to industry website The Wrap. The Paramount movie reboots the live-action cast of the franchise, with Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz taking the reins from Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

Miller will play a blue-collar mechanic who is a long-time friend of Wahlberg's character. The Transformers franchise has been a bit of a joke for a couple of movies now, though Paramount and Michael Bay appear to be making every effort to make the fourth instalment a true return to form. We certainly admire the unusual casting decisions, including the recent acquisition of Kelsey Grammar to play the villain.

Miller is currently shooting Universal and Gold Circle's comedy Search Party and is probably best known for his movies Yogi Bear and She's Out Of My League. 

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Brand New Cast Of Humans And Automatons Set To Revive 'Transformers 4'

Mark Wahlberg Michael Bay TJ Miller

Brace yourselves, the Transformers are coming – and with a complete cast overhaul apparently, as Mark Wahlberg, T.J. Miller and newcomers Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor are all joining the party/giant robot face-off in place of Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and co.. There are also changes in the production team, with Ehren Kruger having written the script and Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing with Ian Bryce, Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy, The Wrap reports.

But after what seemed like the end of the franchise, Michael Bay will need more than a revamped cast list to get everyone excited for this. Cue the giant robots. The big deal and what most of us go to theatre to see are, of course, the transformers and the studio knows it. That’s probably why photos of two brand new Autobots (well, in car form anyway) have been leaked online to create some hype around the project. The first is a 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse, which sources have pegged as the Autobot swordsman Drift. The other is a C7 Corvette Stingray that is most likely the Autobot Slingshot, according to MTV. Clearly, Bay isn’t planning on letting go of the formula, which has served him so well in the past – namely, beautiful actors, a healthy dose of CGI and lots and lots of explosions. And, let’s be honest, nobody can complain about that.

Despite all of the changes, Bay promises that this will not be a reboot, but a sequel to the previous trilogy. "It's not a reboot; that's maybe the wrong word," Bay told the Los Angeles Times. "I don't want to say 'reboot' because then people will think we're doing a 'Spider-Man' and starting from the beginning. We're not. We're taking the story that you've seen — the story we've told in three movies already — and we're taking it in a new direction. But we're leaving those three as the history. It all still counts." Good to know. Still, it’s mostly about the giant robots.

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Dwayne Johnson's Emergency Operation Didn't Harm The Wrestler's Good Spirits

Dwayne Johnson Michael Bay Mark Wahlberg

Everyone breathe easy, Dwayne Johnson is recovering after his hernia surgery. The wrestling star was rushed to hospital on Monday and had an emergency operation, but The Rock isn’t one to mope at all. He suffered three hernial tears while wrestling John Cena earlier this month. The debate over the “realness” of wrestling is still ongoing, but Johnson is living proof that you can get some pretty real injuries doing it.

Because of the emergency, Mr Johnson had to miss the premiere of his latest flick – the pretty aptly titled, given the circumstances, Pain & Gain. The flick co-stars Mark Wahlberg and opens across theatres this Friday. Director Michael Bay chided the wrestler for risking his health with the sport. But it looks like The Rock’s wellbeing is no longer in danger and neither is his good mood, as he tweeted a picture of himself in the hospital, flexing in his Superman T-shirt, accompanied by the caption: "Surgery a success! Dr repaired 3 hernial tears (fun pain). Superman is on the mend.. #WeFallWeRise."

A bit over-confident perhaps, but that’s the recovery spirit none the less. Johnson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, revealed for The Associated press that The Rock is now anchored at home, recovering. We’re sure that with Johnson’s rock solid good spirit, the recovery will be a breeze.

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2 Guns Trailer

Marcus Stigman and Bobby Trench have, for the last year, been working together as part of a drug organisation; however, neither knows the other's true identity as they have both been sent out undercover as part of their work as federal agents in separate organisations. Their attempt to uncover millions of dollars from a Mexican drug cartel goes badly wrong when the agents turn on each other revealing their true identities; Stig is a Naval Intelligence officer while Bobby is part of the Drug Enforcement Administration. They take the situation to their respective superiors and discover that they have both been set up with the money that they recovered not belonging to who they thought it did. They realise that they must work together to bring down the real criminals while they themselves are wanted dead or jailed.

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Mark Wahlberg And P-Diddy Are In The Drinks Business Together, Launching AQUAhydrate Water.

Mark Wahlberg Sean Combs

If water isn’t enough for you, then perhaps AQUAhydrate water will be. See, normal water is for idiots, but Mark Wahlberg and P-Diddy’s water-drink is the water hard-working celebs drink. So it’s better.

"I grew up a Kool-Aid kid, I would drink sodas, juices everything ... and never drank water because I didn't like the way it tasted," said P-Diddy to MTV News at the announcement of his partnership with Wahlberg. "I drank this water, I loved the way it tasted. It gave me a certain amount of energy, a certain amount of focus and helped me with my recovery for those nights where ... I do work hard, but it is a known fact that I do play hard," added the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy. The pair, and the drinks company alike, will be hoping their enhanced profile will help launch AQUAhydrate into new realms of sales. But what is so different about this drink? Well, according to the fluid’s official site, “cutting-edge pharmaceutical grade UV filters clear impurities and strip water of unwanted harmful dissolved solids.” So we’re just drinking bad solids now. We still can’t figure out why is tastes different though.

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Ratings Up But That Won't Save Seth Macfarlane's Oscars Reviews

Seth Macfarlane Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Mark Wahlberg Charlize Theron Jennifer Lawrence

They say that all publicity is good publicity, right? Though it has to be said, if Seth Macfarlane happens to be self-googling this morning, he will probably be questioning why they say that and whether it holds any truth at all. After Macfarlane shut the lid on his controversial Oscars hosting stint, the dust is still a long way from settling.

Macfarlane’s management of his hosting role resulted in him offending pretty much every minority group going, particularly women and Jews (and especially Jewish women, we expect). And judging by New York Times’ report on the matter, even the white middle-class males that for the leftover majority managed to be offended on behalf of and out of sympathy for everyone that was already offended. Academy member Lawrence Turman remarked “I think I’m a very liberal guy, but I actually winced.” Jewish groups have labeled the Family Guy creator as “offensive, unfunny and inappropriate,” the Daily Mail report, after his Ted alter-ego told Mark Wahlberg that he had to be Jewish if he wanted to work in Hollywood.

He also took a pop at Adele’s weight, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship and a whole bunch of female Hollywood actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron, for daring to take their clothes off in movies. It’s not looking good for Macfarlane, who appears to have offended everyone in sight, if the headlines are to be believed (and the paragraphs after the headlines, containing all the evidence…) but hey, at least the ratings were up, eh, Seth!? That’s the main thing, right? 

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Video - Mark Wahlberg Ignores Paparazzi Who Ask To Snap Him As He Gets Into His Car

'Ted' star Mark Wahlberg is spotted leaving a building in Beverly Hills while talking on his cell phone before getting into his car. He ignores paparazzi who are shouting across the street asking for photos; one photographer says, 'Just a few for the homies!' and mentions a photo that he took of Mark and his son that appeared on the Daily Mail website.

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Pain & Gain Trailer

Daniel Lugo is a former criminal whose passion lies in his love for fitness and bodybuilding. When he is hired at the particularly notorious Sun Gym in Florida - a place where the pressure is on to get as big as possible, and where steroids are for sale in the locker rooms - he finds enjoyment there initially before deciding that his low wage wasn't worth it and sets out to organise a criminal method of gaining fortune and fame. He teams up with part-time gym worker Adrian Doorbal and another bodybuilder and former criminal Paul Doyle to set up a plan of extortion and kidnapping against another man, Victor Kershaw, who also has a criminal past. Despite Daniel promising Paul that there would be no-one harmed in their plot to take ownership of all Kershaw's assets, things get out of hand, people end up murdered and they find themselves on the run from the police led by detective Ed Du Bois. 

'Pain & Gain' is an action comedy directed by Michael Bay ('Bad Boys', 'Pearl Harbor', 'Transformers') and written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely ('The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'). It is based on a set of Miami New Times articles written by investigative journalist Pete Collins in 1999 about the real Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal from the Sun Gym Gang who both received death sentences for their crimes. It is due to be released in the UK on May 3rd 2013. 

Director: Michael Bay, 

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'Pain And Gain' Trailer Released: Preview Of Michael Bay Movie Hits The Web

Michael Bay Mark Wahlberg Dwayne Johnson Anthony Mackie Christopher Markus Stephen McFeely Ed Harris Rebel Wilson

Michael Bay’s going back to what he does best with his latest movie Pain & Gain. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson (‘The Rock’) and Anthony Mackie, the movie finds the director finally unleashed from the world of Transformers and back into a world of action movies and dark humour.

Pain and Gain tells the tale of a ‘gym rat’ who finds himself discontented with his life and plots to steal from a corrupt businessman, with the help of two fellow weight-lifting buddies.The trailer looks pretty neat, a fine blend of action and a sharp comic strip. Oh and Mark Wahlberg, looking distinctly beefy in his role as Daniel Lugo, the frustrated fitness freak. Pain & Gain is based on the story of the Sun Gym Gang - three guys who “robbed and extorted their way around southern Florida in the mid-90s", according to Empire online and the script appears to have been deftly handles by the Chronicles Of Narnia’s Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The story was originally reported on by the Miami New Times journalist Pete Collins, back in 1999. Now, their tale gets the big budget Hollywood treatment, courtesy of Bay.

Also starring Ed Harris and Rebel Wilson, the movie is scheduled for release in April 2013 in the US and May 2013 in the UK. Prepare yourselves for a great deal of hype between now and then! 

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Video - Mark Wahlberg Opens Car Door For Wife After Leaving Restaurant

'Boogie Nights' star Mark Wahlberg is snapped coming out of a restaurant in Beverly Hills with his model wife Rhea Durham. As they walk to their car, gentlemanly Mark opens the passenger side door for Rhea before getting into the driver's side himself.

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Video - Mark Wahlberg: I Don't Want Other Kids To Make The Same Mistakes I Made

'The Fighter' star Mark Wahlberg takes phone calls and discusses his faith, his producing and, most importantly, the charity that he's involved with at CIBC Miracle Day where he is helping to raise money for children's charities.

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Wait, Has Henry Cavill Signed On For Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Henry Cavill Ryan Gosling Mark Wahlberg Michael De Luca Daniel Craig Ian Somerhalder Michael Fassbender

As Hollywood rolls into awards' season, the head honchos at Universal Pictures and Focus Features are probably busy plotting for 2013 having landed the rights to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Paramount and Mark Wahlberg's company all placed bids for the rights in one of fiercest movie bidding wars of recent times. Despite the general critical mauling of E.L. James book (though massive sales figures), the movie boasts a pretty impressive team. The Social Network producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti have signed on while Terra Nova's Kelly Marcel will pen the script.

But that's all the boring stuff. We want to know who's playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele right? Murmurings around Hollywood suggest Ryan Gosling is pretty much everyone's first choice to play the wealthy protagonist. Universal want Gosling, the producers want Gosling, the fans want Gosling, hell, Gosling probably wants the role himself. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have the Drive actor as 2/1 favourite, though one man threw a pretty giant spanner into the works this week. He's the third favourite with the bookmaker, he plays Superman in the forthcoming movie Man of Steel. He is Henry Cavill

The 29-year-old British actor - who screen-tested for the role of James Bond before Daniel Craig got the part - discussed Fifty Shades of Grey during a recent interview with Details magazine. When quizzed as to whether he would take the role, Cavill gave a curious answer. Whereas Gosling, Ian Somerhalder and Michael Fassbender have coyly laughed off suggestions of becoming Mr Grey, Cavill said, "Whether that happens, that decision will be made at the time it has to be made. It would be a very different kind of thing than Man of Steel." The interviewer observed that Cavill spoke in "the measured tones of someone who knows his way around a Hollywood gag order."

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Broken City - Trailer Trailer

Billy Taggart is a less than perfect former police officer who is hired by the newly elected mayor of New York City, Nicholas Hostetler, to investigate his wife Emily Barlow's infidelity and find out exactly who she is romantically involved with. When he manages to acquire photographic evidence after following Barlow for Hostetler, he realises that this is a whole bigger thing and Taggart finds himself stuck in a position he can't get out of, where the mayor plans to discredit him in a major set up upon discovering a few smudges on his police record which could be potential harmful to him. However, it seems that the mayor has chosen the wrong cop to pick on as the unrelenting Taggart will stop at nothing to achieve justice and expose Hostetler as the corrupt politician he is.

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Ted Review

Very Good
Plying his trade in pop culture references and surprising punchlines, MacFarlane jumps the adult-oriented comedy bandwagon with a film that's smarter and funnier than most. It also has a surprisingly warm and serious thematic undercurrent.

After a childhood wish brought his teddy bear to life, John (Wahlberg) has become inseparable with his buddy Ted (voiced by Macfarlane). But John's girlfriend Lori (Kunis) is starting to think that a 35-year-old man and his fluffy pal should stop living like stoner-slackers. Worried about the foul-mouthed, womanising Ted's influence, she encourages John to make his own way in life, so they can be a proper couple. But separating Ted and John is more difficult than it looks.

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Ted Trailer

When young John Bennett's teddy bear miraculously began to speak to him one Christmas night after he made a wish, it was his childhood dream come true. But 27 years later, it's more of a nightmare as Ted begins to get in the way of his 4 year long relationship with Lori. Both John and Ted find it difficult to part with each other after so long - will John's love for Lori compromise his friendship with Ted or will his love for Ted affect his relationship with Lori?

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Contraband Review

There isn't a single moment in this film that feels authentic, as cast and crew charge hardheadedly through a ludicrous series of obstacles that would be comical if the film wasn't so insistent on grunting with explosive machismo every step of the way.

Chris (Wahlberg) is a notorious smuggler who has gone straight to have a quiet life with his wife Kate (Beckinsale) and their two young kids. But when Kate's brother (Jones) falls afoul of New Orleans thug Briggs (Ribisi), Chris and his pal Sebastian (Foster) have to plan "one last job" to get the family off the hook. This involves Chris and Andy travelling by ship to Panama to collect counterfeit bills from a crazy dealer (Luna), then furtively returning to America. But of course nothing goes to plan.

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Contraband Trailer

Chris Farraday used to lead a life of crime but that was before he met his wife, Kate. Now, he's happily married with two children and he wouldn't change it for the world. Even his own father is impressed with how he has turned his life around.

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The Fighter Review

Director Russell significantly ups his game with this visceral drama based on the true story of two boxing brothers, one on his way up and one going down fast. But it's the emotional resonance of the tale that makes it so gripping.

In small-town 1993 Massachusetts, Dickie (Bale) is a crack addict who lives in his own glorious past as a boxer who once knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard. But his erratic life is jeopardising the growing career of his half-brother Micky (Wahlberg), who he's training and managing with their tough-as-nails mother (Leo). Micky knows that in order to further his career, he'll need to make a difficult break from his messy family. Then he meets Charlene (Adams), a barmaid who encourages him to go for it. And of course they see her as the villain.

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The Other Guys Review

A sharp script sets this fast and furious action comedy apart from other brainless summer movies. And it's played with such deadpan precision that it keeps us laughing from start to finish, even when things get bogged down by the plot.

New York cops Gamble and Hoitz (Ferrell and Wahlberg) have been relegated to unimportant positions by two teams of flashier detectives (Jackson/Johnson and Wayans/Riggle). But when Gamble arrests a millionaire investor (Coogan) for a minor infraction, he and Hoitz are plunged into a murky case involving a ruthless Aussie goon (Stevenson) and bribed city officials. Even their captain (Keaton) tells them to leave it alone, but Gamble can't let go and Hoitz sees this as a chance to stop being the "other guys".

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The Lovely Bones Review


This film is packed with involving performances, even though Jackson takes a bloated approach to what should be a quietly emotional drama. And in the end, the production design is so lush that it swamps the story's themes.

In 1973, Susie (Ronan) is a happy 14-year-old just beginning to blossom. Her crush on a fellow student (Ritchie) is about to culminate in her first kiss, but she's instead brutally murdered by a creepy neighbour (Tucci). Her parents (Wahlberg and Weisz) are distraught, and Grandma (Sarandon) needs to come help care for Susie's younger siblings (McIver and Christian Thomas Ashdale). Susie watches all of this from "my heaven", longing for her parents to recover their balance and aching for some form of revenge.

The central theme is that Susie's yearning for vengeance is preventing her parents from moving on, and it's also keeping her from resting in peace. As the months and years pass, she struggles to let go of her connections to her family and also to dislodge her killer's hold on her. This intriguing idea is more suited to a small-budget filmmaker forced to find subtle, creative ways to depict the interaction between the afterlife and the living world.

Jackson, of course, has no budgetary constraints, and indulges in constant eye-catching effects that are drenched in colour and symbolism. This luxuriant approach seems odd for a story this fatalistic; it's not likely to be a commercial hit no matter how glorious the digital artistry is. While some viewers will connect with the raw emotional tone, concepts of the cruelty of fate and the fragility of life are lost.

Even so, Ronan delivers another knock-out performance packed with nuance and meaning even though many of her scenes only require reaction shots. It's in her eyes that the film comes truly to life, as it were. The other standouts are Sarandon, who brazenly steals scenes in what's essentially a thankless role, and Tucci, who never resorts to stereotype in his portrayal of a sinister loner. Jackson, on the other hand, continually applies cliches around him, from shadowy angles that generate palpable suspense to a ludicrously over-the-top coda that erases any subtlety the film might have.

We Own The Night Review

James Gray has assembled what looks and sounds like a good, smart thriller with We Own the Night: a strong cast, serious aspirations, a specific time and place (Brooklyn, 1988). The story is shopworn, but not without dramatic potential: Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg play brothers on the opposite-ish sides of the law; Joseph (Wahlberg) has followed in the footsteps of their father (Robert Duvall) and joined the NYPD while Bobby (Phoenix) rebels by running a seedy nightclub. With a drug dealer inching into Bobby's territory, he's forced to reconsider his loyalties.

Meanwhile, the movie forces me to reconsider my own, because it spends a lot more time seeming like a good movie than actually being one. For a film with such an ominous, encompassing title, We Own the Night is content to skim the surface of the NYPD, lacking the obsessive attention to detail that distinguishes other crime-heavy glimpses into bygone American eras as diverse as Gangs of New York, Zodiac, or The Assassination of the Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Even Night's period details feel half-assed and incidental, like background songs that sound more like bits of '90s soundtracks to '80s-set movies instead of 1988 itself. In fact, though an early subtitle says so, the year doesn't even seem to be 1988 in particular but a vague, amorphous "eighties," Wedding Singer style.

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Shooter Review

As the hero of Shooter, Mark Wahlberg narrows his eyes into a piercing stare, delivers his bite-sized chunks of dialogue under his breath, and maintains a constant state of muscle flex so that each vein in his ropy arms sticks up like a speed bump on an elementary school driveway.

Wahlberg even boasts the ideal name: Bob Lee Swagger. The surname ensures he's all attitude. The fact that he goes by three monikers means he's a bona fide presidential assassin, situated in a class above Lee Harvey Oswald.

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The Departed Review

Just as Spike Lee took a basic caper and added his own pet issues to elevate Inside Man to the upper echelons of its genre, Martin Scorsese has taken The Departed, based on an intriguingly simple premise, to its own heights by infusing issues that have concerned him ever since Mean Streets. Along the way, he makes room for some memorable performances, not the least of which comes from the most likely of sources.

The Departed is based on the Hong Kong blockbuster Infernal Affairs, in which a cop goes undercover in the mob while the mob places one of their own as a mole in the police force. In Scorsese's version, the scene shifts to Boston, where mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) puts loyal-from-boyhood employee Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) through police training. As Sullivan rises through the ranks, Special Investigations Unit chiefs Queenan (Martin Sheen) and Dignam (Mark Wahlberg) recruit rookie Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) to get "kicked off" the force and do time to gain Costello's confidence.

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Wahlberg Family Feud Goes Public, Much To Mother's Dismay

Mark Wahlberg

Michelle Wahlberg, the sister of rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg, has apparently taken massive flak from her mother for making the feud with her brother public. In a recent interview with the American tabloid 'National Enquirer', Michelle Wahlberg is angry at her superstar brother for the way that he has supposedly turned his back on the rest of the family who are currently going through financial problems.

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Working as a waitress, the 44-year-old spoke to the paper about how her brother had refused to help her when she told him about her financial woes, and has furthermore stopped paying attention to their dying father, who resides in a Massachusetts nursing home. She continues the interview saying: "While my mother lives in the grounds of his (Mark's) house in LA, our father is in a nursing home. Mark should have a nurse and have him live with him." This has led to the Wahlberg's mother insisting that Mark pays for his father's medical upkeep and visits him whenever he has a chance to.

Rock Star Review

In his short career, Mark Wahlberg has been most effective when playing characters full of naïve sincerity. In Boogie Nights, The Yards, and even Three Kings, his talent is in making the audience believe he's a good guy with a lot of heart, just trying his best. That honest hopefulness works well for him in Rock Star, a generally entertaining tale of an 80s heavy metal superfan who suddenly becomes his favorite band's lead singer. The problem with the film lies in director Stephen Herek's inability to take advantage of the strengths that Wahlberg displays.

The story is loosely based on metal icons Judas Priest, who, in 1997, replaced singer Rob Halford with an actual fan (so tell me, how would one actually know if Judas Priest replaced a band member?) Wahlberg, as Steel Dragon fan Chris Cole, is just brimming with dedication -- he works hard as a copy machine repairman, busts his ass in his Steel Dragon cover band, tells his parents he loves them, and has a long relationship with his girlfriend/best friend/manager (Jennifer Aniston, still underrated by Hollywood). After being booted from his band for taking things too seriously, Chris gets a call from the real Steel Dragon, who are interested in his pipes. Just like that, he's the new guy out front.

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The Big Hit Review

Why would any producer gamble $13 million on a trash heap like The Big Hit? There's no excuse to give such a horrendous movie the green light. I hope Ben Ramsey's script was a very good read, because that's the only explanation producers Warren Zide and Wesley Snipes have.

According to the production notes, director Che-Kirk Wong actually had considerable confidence in the project. "The script was very original," explains Wong. "I enjoy doing action sequences, but action means nothing if we don't have decent characters. They're both equally important to me." Is Wong thinking of the same movie I just endured?

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Four Brothers Review


Mark Wahlberg is perfectly cast in "Four Brothers" as an angry, scruffy Detroit greaseball who returns home for the first time in years to avenge his foster-mother's murder during a convenience store robbery.

While not an actor known for his emotional range, here his soft-featured scowl embodies resounding heartbreak without giving an inch on the kind of toughness and bravado that makes his character a loose cannon. How loose? He even tells the investigating cops (one an old friend played by the sublime Terrence Howard) who come to pay their respects that "I'm not here for the funeral."

Reunited with his three brothers -- fellow former delinquents adopted by the kindly but adamant Evelyn Mercer (Fionnula Flanagan), and played by Garrett Hedlund ("Troy") and talented rappers-turned-actors Andre Benjamin and Tyrese Gibson -- it isn't long before they're literally beating a path through the ghetto toward any suspects they can get their hands on. And it isn't long after that before a conspiracy begins to emerge (the details of which are never entirely clear) involving bankruptcy and insurance money, connections to the mob, and crooked cops and city councilmen.

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I ? Huckabees Review


The one philosophy behind the existential screwball comedy "I ? Huckabees" (pronounce the ? as "heart") is that there is no one philosophy. A satire of spiritual gurus, self-help and other psychological gimmickry, it makes its point by being so esoteric and cerebrally akimbo that it will likely divide audiences between those who find its deliberately abstruse discombobulation amusing and to the point, and those who find it just abstruse and discombobulated.

Written and directed by David O. Russell, the observant and darkly comical wit behind the Gulf War derision "Three Kings," the ensemble storyline whirlpools around Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman), an unhinged and obsessive young environmentalist who has seen the open-space preservation group he chartered slip through his fingers and into the hands of a snake-oil-charming corporate stooge named Brad Stand (Jude Law). Brad is, in fact, an executive at Huckabees -- a slick, corporate retailer with a habit of moving into small towns and building megastores where there had once been open space.

With his failure causing him to question his whole life, Albert seeks metaphysical peace of mind from Bernard and Vivian Jaffe (Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin), a pair of unconventional, off-kilter and out-of-sync private eyes who specialize in solving the mysteries of their clients' inner turmoil. Soon they are, quite conspicuously, following Albert to work, peering through his windows, digging through his trash, and pairing him up with another lost soul as a partner in intellectual recovery -- Tommy (Mark Wahlberg), a blue-collar lug of a firefighter whose eye-opening visit inside his own head has rapidly become a slide into bemused Nihilism.

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The Perfect Storm Review


Somewhere inside "The Perfect Storm" there's a near-perfect movie drowning under gale-force swells of romanticized sea-faring melodrama.

Here's a stomach-in-knots true story about the rugged crew a swordfishing boat caught in the biggest sea storm in modern history -- a terrifying human saga with unsurpassed, seat-gripping special effects, strong performances from a stellar cast and level of realism so potent you can almost smell the 200-lb. fish and the sweat of the men who scrape together a living endangering their lives to net them at sea.

Yet the movie's potential got gutted in post-production, where director Wolfgang Petersen ("Outbreak," "Air Force One") slathered it in sentimentality weepy voice-overs, choppy editing and an incessant, intrusive score (by "Titanic's" James Horner) that saturates every single frame of the film with pounding tympani and crashing cymbals.

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The Corruptor Review


"The Corruptor" gets off to a shaky start --literally. The over-stylized, '70s-inspired shake-and-zoom handheld cameraworkin the establishing action scenes was enough to make me wish I had a someDramamine.

The first act of the movie mostly by-the-book ganglandcop stuff, featuring Hong Kong action king Chow Yun-Fat ("TheReplacement Killers") as a hard-boiled(naturally) NYPD detective working the gang beat in Chinatown who reluctantlytakes on Mark Wahlberg ("Boogie Nights") as his inexperienced and laughablyidealistic new partner.

Early on Wahlberg and Chow, in his trademark sunglasses,slick suits and leather duster get into the kind of bystander-endangeringchases and shoot-outs that would get a real cop suspended (if not fired),but instead they receive commendations. They rough up informants, cut dealswith mafia leaders and raise the FBI's hackles by busting an undercoveroperative. They're kick-ass Chinatown gang cops who don't play by the rulesand act like a gang themselves.

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Planet Of The Apes Review


Without the faintest hint of director Tim Burton's uniquely uncanny style, "Planet of the Apes" version 2.0 feels like nothing more than a generic (albeit overblown) sci-fi summer movie -- and a forgettably mediocre one at that.

A passionless, elementary endeavor of wow effects and a yawn plot (which has been reinvented from the 1968 original), the picture opens circa 2029 with astronaut Mark Wahlberg working on a space station, training chimps to pilot one-man pods into electrical storms encountered in deep space.

After losing contact with one chimp in a rather ominous anomaly, Wahlberg establishes his maverick personality (which soon fades into a vanilla version of your standard action hero) by swiping a pod against orders to go rescue him. Once inside the storm, our hero is sucked into a wormhole that turns his helm dead and spits him out to crash land on a faraway world in the distant future where -- as if you didn't know -- a brutal, medieval society of evolved simians enslaves primitive humans as labor and pets.

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The Truth About Charlie Review


Perhaps it's not fair to begin a movie review by comparing a remake to its original, but since director Jonathan Demme has been proudly trumpeting "The Truth About Charlie" as a reimagining of Stanley Doden's 1963 romantic thriller "Charade," he's practically asking for it.

What the films have in common is a plot centering on a beautiful young woman named Regina (Audrey Hepburn then, Thandie Newton now) who returns to Paris from vacation to discover her husband has stripped their stylish apartment bare, disappeared with a fortune she didn't know he had, and subsequently turned up dead. With the money still missing, dangerous strangers start coming out of the woodwork, convinced she knows where it is.

In "Charade," Hepburn's sprightly Regina meets the suave and cunning -- perhaps a little too cunning -- Peter Joshua, played by Cary Grant, and falls for him as he tries to keep her safe and help her solve the mystery of the absconded riches. In "Charlie," Newton's clever but ingenuous Regina meets gym-buffed paramour Joshua Peters, played by Mark Wahlberg, who may look classy in a '60s-homage pokepie hat, but as a character he's dry, dry, dry.

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Mark Wahlberg Loses His Sister On The Day His Daughter Is Born

Mark Wahlberg Rhea Durham

Film star Mark Wahlberg received the news of his sister's death on the same day that his daughter was born. The 'Boogie Nights' star mourned his sister while experiencing the joy of first-time fatherhood.

Wahlberg's sister, Deborah Donnelly-Wahlberg, passed away on 2nd September, 2003, at the age of 43. While being treated for a suspected kidney stone in Boston, Massachusetts, Deborah suffered from a heart-attack while her brother celebrated his daughter's birth.

Mark Wahlberg's daughter, Ella Rae Wahlberg, was born to his long-term girlfriend Rhea Durham. The birth came at four o'clock in the morning in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles. A friend of Wahlberg stated that "It was the best day of his life - and the worst. Every year on the kid's birthday, he'll be reminded of it.''

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