Ridley Scott's 'All The Money In The World' has seen nothing but controversy since reports of alleged sexual misconduct against its former leading star Kevin Spacey had surfaced. Director Ridley Scott made the quick decision to recast and reshoot the film with Christopher Plummer in the role of John Paul Getty Sr., dismissing Spacey from the production following the reports coming to light. It was the right decision, but one that Mark Wahlberg, who also stars in the film refused to approve unless he was paid over $1 million.

Mark Wahlberg has righted what many would call a major wrongMark Wahlberg has righted what many would call a major wrong

This of course brought a discussion up surrounding the film of how Wahlberg had seemed to profit off of Scott making the right choice, and, if Spacey is indeed guilty of what he's been accused of, profiting off of sexual abuse. The report also came after it was revealed Wahlberg made $1.5 million for the film's reshoots, whilst female co-star Michelle Williams got only $80 per day. This meant that she got less than 0.1% in reshoot fees than her male co-star Wahlberg.

As conversation intensified surrounding the various decisions made by men on the production, Wahlberg took to his Twitter account yesterday (January 13, 2018) to announce he would be donating the $1.5 million extra he gained from reshoots to the 'Time's Up' campaign. His agency WME have added $500,000 to the total, bringing the donation amount up to $2 million. It's been made in Michelle Williams' name.

The Time's Up Legal Defense Fund is something that's been set up to help those who wish to take those they say have sexually assaulted them to court, as legal fees in the United States can be incredibly high. The cause is one that was extremely prominent at this year's Golden Globe Awards ceremony, with the majority of stars there wearing 'Time's Up' pin badges and all-black outfits.

Some would say Wahlberg had no choice but to donate his extra money following the public reveal of how he treated the whole situation, but the fact he's gone ahead and done it is something that should be applauded. Whilst he should never have held out for such a substantial fee in the first place, at least that cash will now be put forward to help something much greater.

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'All The Money In The World' is available to watch in cinemas now.